iOS 11 beta 6 likely arriving next week

Interested testers can sign up via the Apple Software Beta Program.

Apple has begun fitting the pieces together for the official iOS 11 as it approaches the final beta release. And from the looks of its recent developments, Apple is likely to roll out the iOS 11 developer beta 6 and public beta 5 next week.

Eager iOS device owners are now a couple of steps away from the final and official iOS 11 release, which is expected to arrive in September. Apple has just released the iOS 11 developer beta 5 and public beta 4 since last week and iOS beta 6 are reported in the pipeline.

Based on Apple's framing of previous iOS 11 beta releases, the Cupertino, California-based device manufacturer earmarks a two-week window in between releases. Hence, it is likely that the iOS 11 developer beta 6 arrives on 21 August and iOS public beta 5 on 22 August.

For the interested developer and public testers, the Apple Software Beta Program is still open for applicants. Create an account via this link. Take note that iOS 11 developer beta and iOS public beta are exactly similar builds with a similar build number, functionalities and enhancements but are accommodating a different group of testers.

So far, some features, tweaks and improvements that made it to the iOS 11 developer beta 5 and iOS 11 public beta 4 include the removal of iCloud Messages, a redesigned stock screen recorder, overhauled Settings and Camera app icons and a more intelligent Music app on Control Centre.

In the meantime, many iOS devices have already been confirmed not getting the official iOS 11. These devices include the iPhone 5, iPad 4, sixth generation iPod touch and all of their predecessors.