How to instal iOS 11 Control Center on Android without rooting

Here's how to instal iOS 11 Control Centre on Android.

The official iOS 11 has been touted as a promising software update following the stunning features teased in the past few weeks. Bound for release in September, iOS 11's charm is so piercing that Android phone owners want to have the next-generation features of iOS.

Good thing, some of the most covetable features in iOS11 can now be ported to Android and one of them is the Control Centre. With the help of some kind-hearted developers, a clone version of iOS 11 Control Centre for Android, called Control Centre OS 11, is now available for download via Google Play Store without rooting needed.

How to instal Control Centre OS 11

The process to instal the Control Centre of iOS 11 on any Android-ran smartphone is very easy. Go ahead to Google Play Store and look for Control Centre OS 11, click instal, and wait for it to be downloaded on the device. Here's the direct link to the app.

Control Centre OS 11 features

Control Centre OS 11 borrows iOS 11 entire user interface with a few tweaks. It offers the Control Centre experience and iPanel style setting. The text gets bolder and apps are placed like a calculator. Inspired by the Smart Control style of iOS 11, the Android version is fully customisable.

Users have the added ability to control the Android phone like an iPhone 7. Within the Control Centre, users can immediately access the switch toggle and favourite apps. The 3D Touch integration has expanded, while the iPanel support toggle for data connection works similar to iOS 11.