iOS 11 Beta 5: List of tweaks and improvements

Apple removes iCloud Messages from iOS 11 Beta 5.

Apple has just revealed the new tweaks that come along with iOS 11 Beta 5. Expected due for release next week, many iOS device owners should now be excited which features and tweaks have made it in the latest beta version.

On top of the bug fixes, iOS Beta 5 also brings in new tweaks and improvements. Here are some of them that users might want to check. For those who want this update, check the linked article at the end.

iCloud Messages

The iOS 11 Beta 5 removes messages on iCloud. Users with this update no longer have the option to store their iMessage texts alongside its contents in iCloud and save space on an iOS device. However, Apple vows to add the iCloud Messages feature back in the future as an iOS 11 update.

Control Centre Music icon

Apple is adding a new intelligent feature on the Music app in the Control Centre. With the new pulsating indicator thrown into the app, it gives users a list of nearby audio sources, such as AirPods, AirPlay devices and speakers. Tapping the pulsating indicator will launch the said list which users can select the available nearby sources. This makes it easier for an iOS device to connect to audio sources and play AirPlay content to a television.


The Settings icon has been redesigned. The grey interface is replaced by a black background, making the selections on display highlighted.


The Camera icon has also been revamped. The new design is simpler than the old one, ditching the two lines.

Screen Recording

The stock screen recording app of iOS devices has gone through a makeover. The blue indicator bar that informs users that the screen is being recorded has now been transformed in red colour. This makes it more natural and floating against the screen.

The iOS 11 Beta 5 is restricted to iOS device owners who have Apple's Configuration Profile account. However, a new way has been devised to allow regular users to lay their hands on iOS 11 Beta 5. Check out the tutorial here.