Many iOS devices are not getting iOS 11 this year: Check list here

Only 87 per cent of iOS devices has received the iOS 10 update as of 28 July.

ios 11 update

Apple has not updated yet as of 28 July all eligible iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models for iOS 10. As the year leans towards the fourth quarter, only 87 per cent of active iOS devices has just been updated with the latest iOS software update. Apple's latest statistics are suggesting that remaining iPhone and iPad models are not going to receive the promising iOS 11 within this year.

With the features-packed iOS 11 finally hitting the latest Apple devices in September, some older iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models have yet to receive the iOS 10 update. As of the latest, around 10 per cent of Apple devices is powered by iOS 9 while 3 per cent are still running on iOS versions older than iOS 9.

This is likely leaving these un-updated devices behind for the upcoming iOS 11 update. For device owners who have yet to upgrade to iOS 10.3.3, they can get a run for the update with all the spectacular improvements that come with it. The iOS 10.3.3 had been a subject to six beta testing within two months.

The iOS 10.3.3 is touted to be the final iOS 10 update before the iOS 11 arrives. It will also be the final update that will be rolled out to iPhone 5, sixth generation iPod Touch, iPad 4 and all of their predecessors. The iOS 10.3.3 update size clocks in at 80 to 140 megabytes, depending on the device.

Apart from all the minor tweaks and improvements, iOS 10.3.3 delivers bug fixes that include one for the spy malware Broadpwn, which affected millions of devices built around Broadcom's Wi-Fi chip. Through Broadpwn, hackers behind it can remotely control and see all the activities within a device and mine sensitive and important data.

For jailbroken devices, it is recommended to avoid the iOS 10.3.3 since it might render the device damaged.

This article was first published on August 2, 2017