iOS 10.2 jailbreak: How to fix 'DPKG_LOCKED' Cydia error on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Guide to fix DPKG_LOCKED Cydia error on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iOS 10 jailbreak
Guide to fix DPKG_LOCKED Cydia error on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Avid jailbreakers are in for some good news as a fix has been found for DPKG_LOCKED Cydia error while jailbreaking iOS 10-10.2 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Affected users no longer need to restore their device to tackle this problem as the folks at Redmond Pie have shared a simple guide to address this issue with the Yalu Dark app fix.

Here's the complete step-by-step guide to fix the Cydia error on iOS 10-10.2 jailbroken devices:

Step 1: Download the modified version of Yalu Dark IPA file from GeoSn0w which includes the bundled DPKG error fix. One can grab the fix right away via the developer site here.

Step 2: Ensure that all previous installations of yalu102 or Yalu Dark app are uninstalled from the jailbroken device. You can then reboot your device to enter the non-jailbroken state.

Step 3: You can now install the modified Yalu Dark app on the device by Xcode sideload method or via Cydia Impactor.

Step 4: After installing the modified IPA on the device, just run it and then add it to the trusted source list when you see the prompt message saying that the developer of the app is untrusted. Just go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management or General > Profile(s) and Device Management or General > Device Management as the option might differ from one device to other.

Step 5: Now locate the certificate associated with the newly installed app and tap on it. Then tap Trust and then double-confirm by tapping on Trust again.

Step 6: Finally, tap on the newly created icon to launch the jailbreak app. Your iOS device will now be jailbroken and Cydia installed without any issues.

Step 7: You can now install a File manager like iFile or Filza in Cydia, which will give you access to the root directory of the device's file system. Just go to this directory and delete the following files: ".installed_yaluX" and ".installed_Yalux_Fix".

Step 8: Return to the device's Home screen and place the app icons into edit/wiggle mode and delete the freshly installed Yalu Dark app using the DPKG fix.

Step 9: You can now sideload the yalu102 jailbreak IPA onto the device with Cydia Impactor. That's it. Your device is now ready for rejailbreaking using yalu102 app after each reboot. Download yalu102 from here.

[Source: Redmond Pie]