Influencer Jay Alvarrez's Leaked Sex Tape With Russian Model Goes Viral; Coconut Oil Trends

Alvarrez dated model Alexis Ren for two years, Inspired #RelationshipGoals

Influencer and travel blogger Jay Alvarrez, who inspired #RelationshipGoals with his ex-lover Alexis Ren, became overnight sensation after his sex tape was leaked online. Alvarrez is seen getting intimate with Russian model Svetlana Bilyalova in the leaked sex tape, which has gone viral on social media platforms.

Alvarrez and Ren dated each other for two years before publicly announcing their split in 2016. Ren had announced on social media that they split "because the relationship was not good for Jay's business."

Sex Tape Removed After It Went Viral

The clips from the sex tape became a viral sensation after talk about the existence of sex tape on Pornhub went viral on social media. Podcasters Logan Paul and Mike Majlak confirmed the existence of the sex tape during an episode of 'Impaulsive' on November 24.

Admitting that he saw the sex tape on Pornhub, Majlak said: "I went over to Pornhub, and I searched it out, and you know, hidden in the coffers there, locked up with very little viewership on it, almost like it could have skated under the radar if people on a giant podcast hadn't talked about it." However, Majlak later stated that the sex tape had been removed from the site.

Alvarrez, who has over 250,000 followers on Twitter and million of subscribers and followers on YouTube and Instagram, hasn't spoken about the leaked sex tape yet.

Social Media Can't Get Over the Coconut Oil Featuring in the Sex Tape

The sex tape, which looks professionally edited, brings together random act of the couple before they get completely naked and intimate. Meaww reported that Mike, who is friendly with Alvarrez, identified the female in the video as Russian model Svetlana, who goes by the name of Sveta Bilyalova on Instagram. The Russian model has 6 million followers and regularly posts scintillating pictures.

However, the most notable feature in the leaked sex tape, apart from Alvarrez himself, was the virgin coconut being used by the couple during their sex act. In one cut from the tape, Alvarrez flashes a bottle of coconut oil in front of the camera and later pours it on Sveta.

Coconut oil was one of the trending topics on social media. "The jay alvarez video is very much white people sex. he recorded that shit like a music video. also COCONUT OIL? ON COOCHIE??" tweeted a user as other added, "I know my girl getting all type of infections... that coconut oil digging all up in ha coochie," wrote another.

This article was first published on December 7, 2020