Hyunjoo's Bullying Controversy: April Members Yena, Chaewon, Jinsoi, Naeun Share New Details

April members, Jinsoi, Chaewon, Yena, and Naeun, have denied all the claims put forward by their former teammate Hyunjoo and shared some details about the bullying controversy.

April members, Yena, Chaewon, Jinsoi, and Naeun, have shared new details surrounding the bullying controversy of their ex-teammate Lee Hyun Joo. The young singers said they have been suffering a lot ever since Hyunjoo decided to leave the group. According to them, they are still receiving therapies for psychological stress.

The K-Pop idols also denied all the claims put forward by their former teammate and came up with evidence to prove that they were all the victims. While interacting with the representative of Sports Kyunghyang News, the girl group members said they did not do anything wrong, and through this interview, they want to set things straight.

The young singers also said they do not stay silent because the wrong information is shared online as evidence, and they cannot take it any longer. They will have to prove their innocence and reveal that they are the real victims, the girl group members added.

"We had problems, but we grew up together for seven years with a clean image. We did not do anything wrong to Hyunjoo, and people are just posting anything as evidence. An official statement or personal explanations from each one of us will not put an end to the growing misunderstandings," Naeun and her teammates said.

April Members Yena, Chaewon, Jinsoi, and Naeun Deny All Claims of Hyunjoo

Lee Na-eun Paying Heavy Price for Hyunjoo
Lee Na-eun and Hyunjoo. Instagram

The K-Pop singers said they never bullied their former teammate and all the claims put forward by her are wrong. For instance, they never stole her shoes to torture her. Since all the members used the same size shoes, it just got mixed-up at times, they explained.

"We were all scared of Hyunjoo. How can we pick up on a person like that to an extend to bully her and ostracise her? It does not make sense," the four members of April said.

According to the girl group members, Hyunjoo never wanted to be a singer as she always spoke to them about being an actress. She often fell sick during their training periods and missed many practice sessions. Even after their debut, she did not attend many of the rehearsals, and it made things difficult for them, they added.

Naeun and Chaewon also shared details about the counseling session they received after Hyunjoo decided to leave the group. The April members revealed that they were under extreme stress during that period, and there were times when they thought of taking their own lives.

About Hyunjoo's Bullying Controversy

April's Hyunjoo to take a break following health problem. Facebook

Earlier this year, many Korean celebrities, their family members, or relatives came forward to share details about school bullying, and the younger brother of the former April member was one of them. He claimed the girl group members bullied his sister so much that she thought of taking her life at some point. Shortly, the entertainment agency DSP media released a statement denying all the claims. Earlier this month, group members Naeun and Chaewon posted personal letters on the official social media pages explaining their innocence.

However, new testimonials and videos started doing the rounds online showing that April members bullied Hyunjoo when she was a part of the group.