Is DSP Fighting a Losing Legal Battle Against Hyunjoo over Bullying Allegations on April?

DSP Media has got into a legal battle against Hyunjoo for making bullying allegations against the members of her former group April. She had accused the agency of not helping her when she had brought the issues to their notice.

Hyunjoo. Hyunjoo Instagram

The agency had also released a press statement denying all the allegations while announcing to be filing a lawsuit against her after their attempt to end the issue mutually failed to come to fruition. Without worrying, Hyunjoo responded to her statement that she would not hesitate to give a befitting reply to their lawsuit.

DSP Media Has Chances to Win the Case?
Now, a report on Koreaboo discusses whether DSP Media has the chance to win the case. The website has spoken to many people from the industry who have spoken about the difficulties faced by the agency to prove its innocence.

It is reported that the agency has to take full responsibility of the idols after signing a contract. DSP Media has failed to address the issue at the appropriate time and douse off the tension between the members. Hence, the company is at fault, insiders have told the website.

"Generally, all entertainment agencies are required by contract to provide quality management for their signed artists to carry out activities without issues. If their signed artists develop physical or mental conditions during the period of contract, they are responsible to support recovery — though the details on how are to be discussed with the artists." the website quotes an insider as saying on the condition of anonymity.

South Korean Youth Protection Act
Further, Hyunjin was a minor (16 years) when the incident took place and the agency has failed to protect her which is a violation of the South Korean Youth Protection Act. These factors are expected to be working against its lawsuit.

The controversy broke out in March after her brother first wrote about the bullying on a forum online. Subsequently, the agency tried to sort out the issue, but its efforts went in vain. This week, she broke her silence and made allegations of getting bullied by the April members.

According to Hyunjoo, her parents too had raised this issue with the agency back then, but DSP Media allegedly failed to act. In the end, she left the group after never-ending bullying and violent behavior from the members. She also revealed about trying to commit suicide out of frustration.

All these allegations have also been denied by other members.