Putting Bullying Controversy Behind, Hyunjoo Gives Reason to Fans to Smile

The fans of Hyunjoo, who were distressed and worried about her following the controversy that she created after making bullying against her former members of April group, can breathe a sigh of relief. It is because she is keeping herself engaged with some activity.

Hyunjoo. Hyunjoo Instagram

Hyunjoo's First YouTube Video
Yes, the actress and singer has activated her YouTube channel and posted her first video on Sunday, 9 May. The channel was created in 2019, but she had not shared anything for two years. Finally, the 23-year old has come up with a video to give an insight into her personal life.

In the description of her first YouTube video, Hyunjoo claims that she wanted to capture her daily life with her fans. "Just like me I hope that all of you will receive healing through these videos. Thank you for being with me today. Thank you always," Koreaboo translates the description of her first video.

Coming to the video part, the ex-April member gives a glimpse of a typical day at her friend's place. She will be seen cooking in the major part of the video and reveals her interest in mirror art. Overall, it shows off another side of the singer.

Overwhelming Response
The video has been overwhelmingly received by their fans. Her well-wishers across the globe have welcomed her decision to create the video by showering positive words. It has garnered over 8,000 likes and earned over 66,0000 views.

The School Bullying Issue
Hyunjoo has been in the centre of a storm after making bullying allegations against her former members of April. Her brother had first brought up the issue in March. Last month, she broke her silence and said that bullying started in 2014 and the agency DSP had failed to take the action despite bringing it to their notice.

"During those three years, I was forced to suffer because of violent actions and behaviour, ridicule, swearing, and attacks on my character, and it was especially painful to bear groundless insults and attacks on the character of my precious grandmother, mom, dad, and younger brother. The agency knew about this, but only looked on without taking any measures to respond."

Now, the agency has waged a legal war against her.