Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin drama Crash Landing On You finale overtakes Goblin, becomes highest rated drama

Crash Landing On You wins the hearts of people as Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin find each other in the finale of the drama aired on February 16. It has surpassed Goblin to achieve the highest tvN rating

Crash Lading On You

Crash Landing On You was one of the most searched keywords on February 16 as the final episode of the Korean drama was aired. Going by the numbers, the drama starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin has surpassed the popular drama Goblin in ratings and emerged as the highest rated series in the history of tvN.

Crash Landing On You overtook Gong Yoo starrer Goblin, recording 21. 683 per cent overall viewership and 24.1 per cent peak hour viewership on February 16. Goblin's final episode had seen 20.5 per cent viewership in 2017.

The ratings of Crash Landing On You recorded 23.249 per cent in Seoul. With the conclusion of the drama, comments flooded Google stating that this was one of the best Korean dramas.

Crash Landing On You is a drama of a military officer from North Korea who falls in love with a businesswoman from South Korea. Romance blooms between the two when Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se Ri) falls into Hyun Bin's (Ri Jeong Hyeok) arms in North Korea. Their life gets interesting as well as complicated due to the restrictions between both the countries.

Hyun Bin saves Son Ye Jin from the jaws of death in North Korea but is shocked to see Ye Jin on her deathbed in a bid to save his life when he sneaks into South Korea. There are no prospects of both meeting each other ever again as Hyun Bin and his company are sent back to North Korea. Audience interest peaked about the ending of the drama.

In a dramatic twist, the couple finds each other in a land where edelweiss flowers bloom, where they had met 10 years ago for the first time without even realizing they would be in a relationship to the extent of being ready to lay down their life for each other.

They are forced to keep their relationship under the wraps, but the possibility of the lead stars meeting again, though in a long distance relationship, made the hearts of fans flutter, as written in one of the comments by a fan.

As Crash Landing On You ends its journey, Itaewon Class starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi is the next much talked about drama on social media.