Howard Freelove: White Man Who Yelled "Kill Me, I'm White," After Seeing BLM Sign at Brew Bar Identified on Social Media?

A white man went on a hysterical rampage harassing staff and customers inside by yelling, "Kill me, I'm White" after he spotted a Black Lives Matter sign outside a bar in Southern California. The incident took place inside Brew Bar in Chula Vista.

While the authorities did not reveal the name of the white man, several internet users identified him as Howard Freelove, who identified himself as a teacher, musician, and singer in his Twitter bio.

White Man Brew Bar
White man gets triggered after spotting Black Lives Matter sign outside Brew Bar in Chula Vista, California. Twitter

White Man Refuses to Leave Bar, Shouts at Other Customers

The video, which was initially posted on TikTok by Andrea or @heythisisdrey, shows a white man dressed in a grey hoodies and dark grey pants entering the bar in California. The on-screen text on the video reads, "White Supremacist gets trigger by BLM sign at Brew Bar in Chula Vista. Harasses customers and breaks door."

"F*ck your racist b*llsh*t," the man is seen yelling in the beginning of the video as he slams his hands on the bar next to the window. The he enters the bar and repeatedly shouts, "I'm white!" and to "kill me I'm white," while raising his hands in the air.

According to Andrea, the bar owner, Alex, asked the man to leave the premises as he continued with his "Kill me" rant.

After the owner threatens to call the police, the white man shouts, "Kick me out."

"Yeah dude you're in my space right now," Alex replied. "You're making an ass of yourself bro."

The later part of the video shows him exiting the bar as he grabs the front door with his hands and tries to remove the door stopper with his foot.

The video then shows police lights outside the bar. The man was allegedly "arrested and released the same night despite video evidence. Chula Vista Police "tried their hardest to prove this piece of sh*t didn't cause the damage to the door," Andrea explained.

Does the Chula Vista Police Know the White Man?

In the on-screen text, Andrea mentioned that the local police "know this guy" and that they've allegedly "allowed him to do this to multiple businesses" in the area.

Later in a tweet, the Chula Vista Police Department said that the man was detained for 49 minutes and received a citation for misdemeanor vandalism which is a non-bookable offense.

"He was detained for 49 minutes while they spoke to the victim and investigated the incident. Based on the victim's assessment of the damage, the suspect was arrested and received a citation for misdemeanor vandalism which is a non-bookable offense. The subject will have to appear in court and face the consequences of his actions. We have been working with the victim and will continue to do everything in our power to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all," read the statement.

"Listen to the witnesses next time instead of the male KAREN..... Do your damn job better," commented a user on the post.