Is Barron Trump Behind the Explicit Phallic Shaped Christmas Card Featuring Donald Trump? Missing Teen Fuels Bizarre Theory

Former U.S. President Donald Trump fell prey to another fake claim after a doctored explicit Christmas card featuring him surfaced online. Trump was brutally trolled on the social media by the users who believed the card to be genuine.

The photoshopped Christmas card popped up days after First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, unveiled the Christmas decorations at the White House, leading to comparisons being made with its former occupants.

Donald Trump card
The fake Christmas card featuring former U.S. President Donald Trump has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Trump's Christmas Card Doesn't Feature Barron Trump

The dubious card features the former President, his wife Melania and his kids. The monochrome card has a full-length photograph of Trump dressed in a Tuxedo. The suit is doctored to resemble a penis shape. A reindeer-pulled sleigh is pasted on top of Trump's head as it goes shooting towards the dark sky. The top right corner of the card features pictures of Melania, Ivanka, Eric, Trump Jr, and Tiffany superimposed on red and green colored Christmas ornaments.

The card says, "Merry Christmas-From the Winter White House December 2021 - President Donald J Trump." It also carried a Presidential seal at the bottom below the message. Besides poking fun at the former President, several social media users also pointed out Barron's absence from the card.

"Hey look. Trumps Christmas card where he completely ignores the fact he has a youngest child and he puts his daughter before his wife. Guess that makes him a complete piece of shit too, huh? Not to mention he looks like a giant penis," read a tweet.

"Pretty funny image. The white shirt portion of Trump playing off the dark background of the rest of his tuxedo makes him appear like a giant penis. Even on a Merry Christmas card he's still a dick. A buffoon in his finest," wrote another user.

Here is the Truth

Claiming the Christmas card feature Trump and his family members to be fake Reuters stated that it was not released by the Donald Trump's office or his official website. The postcard was not released on Trump's official website,

In a communique to the outlet, Trump's Liz Harrington, who regularly releases the former president's statements confirmed that the viral image is fake and did not come from them.

It was also pointed out that Trump's official statements are signed as "Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America," which the doctored card did not feature.

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