Fact Check: BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin Refuses to Take Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Due to Safety Concerns, Calls it Illegal?

A claim suggesting that BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin has not received Covid-19 vaccine due to safety concerns is fake. The viral claim revolves around Sahin's outdated interview which was taken much before the vaccine was rolled out.

The Covid 19 vaccine has remained embroiled in baseless conspiracy theories ever since it was rolled out in January this year. Earlier, a hoax claiming that vaccine will alter the human DNA of those taking the jab had also gone viral.

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin
BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin Twitter

What Did Sahin Say in the Video?

The viral video shows the interviewer asking Sahin that he himself has not taken the vaccine yet? "I am legally not allowed to take the vaccine at the moment. We ofcourse consider to make it possible. It is more important for us that out coworkers and partners get vaccinated," he replies.

The words of the CEO were twisted and made viral in the posts shared by users on multiple social media platforms. "Earlier this year vaccine inventor and investor Dr Ugur Sahin CEO of BioNTech and inventor of the BIO N TECH Pfizer vaccine avoids answering with any detail the question of why he wasn't vaccinated at that time, saying vaguely it's against the law for him to do so. Judge yourself his reaction to the question," a Facebook post read.

"The man behind the BIO N TECH PFIZER vaccine refuses to take the vaccine for safety reasons (Dr. Ugur Sahin).. Safety from what? From the vaccine? What is he saying?" tweeted a user, while sharing the clip.

"BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin and his wife did not take vaccine. But he hope all his colleagues taking vaccine. Any excuse is excuse, you are at the position to lead, produce and push toxic vaccines. Take your vaccine RIGHT NOW!" read another tweet.

"Dr Ugur Sahin CEO of BioNTech won't take his own mRNA j a b If you didn't take the j a b give yourself a pat on the back, you were right It's safe for you, but not for them," opined another user.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Reuters claimed that Sahin has been fully vaccinated against coronavirus and has received the booster shot too of his company's Covid-19 vaccine.

The outlet claimed that English-language German public broadcaster DW News conducted the interview in December 2020 when the vaccines were not yet rolled out in Germany. Therefore, Sahib wasn't eligible legally to receive the vaccine. Also, nowhere in the video does he speak about skipping vaccine due to safety reasons.

In a communique to the outlet, a spokesperson for BioNTech wrote, "Ugur Sahin received his first vaccinations early in 2021 and the booster a couple of weeks ago. The text they (the social media posts) are referring to was a statement made in Dec. 2020 – it is completely outdated."

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