How did Goldberg feel after losing to Brock Lesnar?

Goldberg has spoken about his defeat to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. The WCW legend has said that he was not sure how to react after losing the match.

Speaking with Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, he has claimed that he had a "weird" feeling after losing the match. "Is this how I lose? Am I doing it right? Because it happened so infrequently. It was just weird. When I lose, I feel like I'm... I'm completely... I don't know what to do, it's weird. Immediately, I'm just trying to play it right. Like, how do I act? It's weird, so how am I supposed to react? It's just a weird deal," Sports Keeda quoted him as saying in the podcast.

It was the last match before Goldberg decided to bid goodbye to the WWE.

Goldberg was the second guest on Steve Austin's show Broken Skull Sessions. It was aired immediately after TLC went off air.

Steve Austin with Goldberg
Steve Austin with Goldberg on Broken Skull Sessions. WWE/Austin Twitter Account

During the interview, Goldberg spoke about a lot of issues and also revealed about his animosity with Steve Austin when they were working for different companies. In one of the teasers released on the official YouTube page of WWE, Goldberg is seen talking about the comparisons between them. "I wanted to kill you," Goldberg says. "You represented the enemy. I never could have made it where I was without you being Steve Austin. I was the copycat over at WCW," he adds.

The two stars represented two different companies and Goldberg stated that they were different in their own ways despite similarities. He added, "Did I feel like it? Only when people said something about it. I'd say there is a huge freaking difference between those two guys right there. You and I couldn't be any more alike, but be more unlike each other."