Steve Austin on CM Punk: 'He was a lights-out pro wrestler'

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin
CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE

Steve Austin has spoken about CM Punk entering WWE again in a matter of a week. The former has praised the latter, while explaining how the sports entertainment would benefit from his presence.

According to State of Combat podcast, Steve Austin claims that he loves to see CM Punk being part of WWE family again. "Just the fact that he returned to be doing business with WWE I love because I know they split up on bad terms and now they are back in business together, CM Punk was a lights-out pro wrestler; great promos, great work, great talent, so to have him back into the fold obviously they ironed whatever they needed to iron out and both sides are happy," WWE Inc quotes him as saying in the interview.

Steve Austin adds that having CM Punk in WWE will be beneficial for the sports entertainment as he gives a great perspective, insights, opinion on every things related to it.

Last week, in an interview with ESPN, Steve Austin said that CM Punk was in a good shape considering that he was still having MMA training and he was excited at the idea of Punk returning to WWE.

"He's very opinionated, has a very knowledgeable opinion of the business, because of the roads that he's traveled and the level of success that he's had. And he's a really smart guy and he's a great promo and a great analytical mind," ESPN had quoted him as saying.

Austin had ended on the note that he was a fan of Punk and happy to see his return to WWE.

Close to six years ago, CM Punk ended his 10-year journey in WWE citing health and other issues with the company. It was a bitter break-up between both the parties, as per the rumours.

However, CM Punk surprised everyone by becoming an analyst on a FS1's WWE backstage recently. Although he is in contract with Fox, people are now hoping for him to return to WWE ring soon.