Will Daniel Cormier have a clash with Brock Lesnar in WWE in future?

Daniel Cormier has revealed that he had offers from WWE to be involved in a feud with Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez which could led to Crown Jewel, but it did not materialise due to his busy schedule.

"I've talked with the WWE on a number of occasions, they want to work together. I almost came to the press conference for Brock vs. Cain to play the role of a fight builder. Unfortunately, my schedule didn't work," he is quoted as saying in an interview by Bleachreport.

He has also revealed that there were attempts to bring him to WWE Backstage. "I got an offer to work that new show, WWE Backstage on [FS1]. Obviously, it didn't work with the new relationship with [UFC and] ESPN. But we are constantly trying to get me involved in the product. As a big time fan of the WWE, nothing makes me happier. I've got some great opportunities, man. I'm lucky. I've got some things outside of the octagon that's gonna carry me for a long time," he added.

It has to be noted that CM Punk has now been signed as an analyst by FS1.

Reacting to Cormier's comments, Paul Heyman teased on Twitter. Brock Lesnar's manager posted, . @btsportwwe It's easy to garner publicity calling out the top box office attraction. @dc_mma can't hang w/ @BrockLesnar in the #Brocktagon nor a @WWE ring, and he can't hang with me on the mic. MAYBE he could TRY to hang with Brock on the mic and me in the ring ... MAYBE!!!"[sic]"

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar PR Handout

Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier have links with with amateur wrestling and UFC Heavyweight champions. Hence, their clash at WWE would generate a lot of interest among the fans.

Cain Velasquez had challenged Brock Lesnar at Crowl Jewel and lost the match. However, the match met with mixed response as it got over quickly.

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar, who did not take part in TLC, will reportedly return for Royal Rumble in 2019.