Is Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan set to be the main event of Wrestlemania 36?

Daniel Bryan's absence and Bray Wyatt's dominance could dovetail into a great main-event at Wrestlemania 36.

Daniel Bryan hasn't been seen on the last two episodes of Smackdown. His last appearance was as part of a segment where he was dragged to below the ring by The Fiend who also, apparently, pulled his hair out. While everyone waited to see how Bryan would respond to this attack, WWE decided to create an all new angle for Bray Wyatt involving The Miz.

This suggests that Daniel Bryan would be absent from WWE for some time. Also, the fact that Miz had told the former Universal Champion that he would be 'changed' by The Fiend and later that night, he had his hair pulled out, leads one to the conclusion that when Bryan appears again, he would have a different look and, possibly, a different persona.

But when will he return? Some expect him to make a comeback on TLC pay-per-view and help The Miz. But there is one possibility which is even greater. Daniel Bryan may come back, but not too early. Instead, he may be held back for some time and then be re-introduced as an altered person to take on Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania.

The Fiend
The Fiend has looked invincible Twitter/WWEPR

There are many reasons why this is very likely. To begin with, the character of The Fiend is being built up to be a major draw of WWE. The aggrandisement of Bray Wyatt's character is bound to continue for some time. With Wrestlemania just over three months away, it is very probable that he would be the defending champion at the biggest event of WWE calendar.

Now, the question arises – who will stop the juggernaut of The Fiend? He has, so far, seemed invincible and impervious to pain. Having invested so much into building up this persona of Wyatt, WWE would protect it and only let someone overcome it on a big stage with a mighty effort. Daniel Bryan could be just the man for this.

There are various reasons for it. To begin with, Bryan has a very successful experience of main-eventing Wrestlemania. Two, he is someone who can easily win over the crowd. Third, since beating Wyatt would require some mysterious, yet to be fathomed quality, it may well be acquired, as per the storyline, by Bryan after being dragged to 'fiery pits of hell' by The Fiend.

The master of 'Yes' chant would most certainly appear with a different look. He won't be having the long hair and the big beard he has been sporting recently. What he may also assume is a darker and sinister persona. This altered state of mind may be just what the WWE want to show as overpowering The Fiend's prowess.

It all makes sense! Bray Wyatt will continue his dominant run until the final straight of the road to Wrestlemania. Then, Bryan would make a thundering comeback and challenge The Fiend for a title match. WWE could then recreate the euphoria around Bryan as it was during Wrestlemania 30 and show him overcoming the sinister and demented aura of his adversary. It would be a perfect storyline!