Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 9 Recap; Episode 10 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Hospital Playlist season 2 is just a month away from its finale, and the viewers have started getting the taste of a happy ending for their favorite characters. While Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Ul continue to enjoy their romantic relationship, the Ik-Song couple (Lee Ik Joon and Chae Song Hwa) are getting ready to take their friendship to the next level.

This week, the tvN medical drama also teased a happy ending for the other two couples in the story -- Kim Dae Myung and Chu Min Ha and Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon. The viewers will get to know more about these characters' romantic relationships next week. Until then, catch up with all the nine episodes of this mini-series online here.

Here is a quick recap of Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 9, and a brief spoiler of episode 10 with live stream details.

No Romance for Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Ul

The pediatric surgeon and the resident were too busy dealing with their problems that they did not get to spend much time together. Romantic dates and secret meetings were not part of their schedules this week. Although the senior pediatrician wanted to meet his lover for a few seconds, he did not get to do it because she had prior engagements.

A couple of weeks back, the viewers came to know about the various personal challenges of the resident. Her mother had emergency surgery two weeks back, but the details about it are yet to be revealed. Probably, the upcoming chapter of this medical drama will share the details of the surgery. The viewers will have to tune in to tvN next week to know more about it.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
A poster of Hospital Playlist 2. Twitter/tvN

Love is in the Air for Kim Dae Myung and Chu Min Ha

The senior resident is head over heels for the professor, and the gynecologist has started to notice it. All this while, he has been calm about her feelings for her. But this week, he started thinking about it seriously. The gynecologist may not take much time to admit his love for the resident. The viewers will not wait longer to meet Dae Myung and Min Ha as a couple.

The promo for next week also shows the resident getting ready to use her last chance to impress the professor. In the clip, Gyeo Ul encourages her friend.

Ik-Song Backstory

Well, the highlight of this week was the much-awaited backstory of Lee Ik Joon and Chae Song Hwa's relationship. Ever since the medical drama went on air, the viewers were curious to know the relationship between the two characters in their college days. The followers of this mini-series got a glimpse of it this week.

Song Hwa took the lead during this band practice this week. Since it was her birthday, no one discouraged her, and she chose a romantic song. The viewers were taken back to the college days of the Ik-Song couple while the central characters were practicing. In the flashback, the neurosurgeon is a secret admirer of Ik Joon.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Hospital Playlist 2 episode 10 will air on August 26. Twitter/tvN

What is in Store for Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon?

The cardiologist and his lover are all set to rekindle their relationship. Both the characters struggled a lot after their break, and Ik Joon is trying his best to get them back together. They met each other on the bus and had an exchange of few words. Though they were planning to meet up and sort out things during the weekend, the meeting did not go as planned.

However, both the characters are now well aware of their love for each other. It may not take much time for them to start dating again. The viewers can look forward to their romantic story in the upcoming episode.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 10 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

The tvN medical drama will return with a new episode on Thursday. K-drama fans can tune in to tvN to watch the episode. This chapter will be available with subtitles online here.

In the 10th episode, the viewers will know more about its lead characters, including Chae Song Hwa, Lee Ik Joon, Kim Dae Myung, Ahn Jeong Won, and Kim Jun Wan. Stay tuned for more details about the five doctors and their friends.

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 10 will air on August 26 at 9 pm KST.