Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers, Live Stream: Chu Min Ha, Yang Seok Hyeong Romance

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 7 will air on tvN Thursday, August 5, at 9 pm KST, and it will probably feature some new developments in the relationship between Chu Min Ha and Yang Seok Hyeong.

The mini-series is taking a short hiatus this week, and the viewers will have to wait until next Thursday to watch the seventh episode. K-drama fans can watch the latest episodes of this medical drama online here or stream it here. All the episodes of this show are also available online here with subtitles.

Chu Min Ha-Yang Seok Hyeong Romance

Min Ha is head over heels for Seok Hyeong and she has been trying her best to impress the professor to get her happy ending. The young resident came up with a new way to impress him last week. Though she failed in her first attempt, the resident has four more chances to prove her worth to Seok Hyeong and make him date her.

She might try new methods to capture the senior surgeon's attention in the upcoming episode. The chapter could feature some funny moments between the two characters. Will they take their relationship to the next level?

The promo for next week hints at some changes in the relationship between Min Ha and Seok Hyeong. In the short clip, the resident surprisingly looks at her professor when he unexpectedly visits her, and she asks him how he even knew that she is on duty at this time. Is it the beginning of a new romance? The followers of this medical drama will have to watch the show next week to know more about it.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Cast members Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin as Yang Seok Hyeong and Chu Min Ha in Hospital Playlist 2. Twitter/tvN

Will Jo Young Hye Accept Chu Min Ha as her Daughter-in-Law?

Seok Hyeong's mother seems to be desperate to see her son get married. The promo shows her telling Ahn Jeong Won's mother, Jeong Ro sa, that she is willing to accept anybody as her daughter-in-law except his former wife, Yoon Sin Hye. If Min Ha overhears the conversation, she could try hard to impress the professor.

Watch Hospital Playlist 2 episode 7 on tvN next Thursday, August 7, at 9 pm KST to know what lies ahead for Min Ha and Seok Hyeong.

Watch the promo below: