Hospital Playlist episode 9 spoilers and live stream details: Chae Song Hwa gets into trouble

Chae Song Hwa will have to deal with a complicated medical case in Hospital Playlist episode 9 and Lee Ik Joon will reach out for her help.

Hospital Playlist episode 9 will air on tvN this Thursday, May 7, at 10pm KST and it will feature troubled moments for Chae Song Hwa as she treats a severely injured patient. Since the medical drama is getting close to its finale, the upcoming episodes are likely to reveal more details about the five senior professors from Yulje Medical Center.

The upcoming episode will reveal the reason for Yang Seok Hyeong's mother to be admitted to the emergency ward in episode 8. This week, the mini-series may also reveal why Jo Jong Su always kept a distance from his children while staying close to his childhood friend Jeong Ro Sa and her son Ahn Jeong Won.

What does the promo hint about episode 9?

The video begins with a conversation between Yang Seok Hyeong and Chae Song Hwa, wherein he informs her about his mother's medical condition. He also informs his friend that his mother may finally agree to divorce his father and it may not really take more than a month to end everything.

The short clip then shows a voice-over talking about Jo Jong Su's depression and how it is going to take a toll on his health. The character will probably deal with a life and death situation this week. The promo also shows a surgeon collapsing in the operation room and the residents gathering in the emergency ward.

Hospital Playlist episode 9
Chae Song Hwa may get into into trouble in Hospital Playlist episode 9. YouTube/Screenshot

Check out the official synopsis of Hospital Playlist episode 9 below:

A seriously injured person is admitted in the emergency ward and Chae Song Hwa gets the shock of her life after seeing the injuries on the patient's body. Lee Ik Joon finds something suspicious about the patient's guardian.

The medical drama may also show Chae Song Hwa and Lee Ik Joon enjoying a long drive after completing their long day at work. Lee Ik Soon could make wedding plans with Kim Jun Wang. It remains to be seen if Lee Ik Joon will meet the person his childhood friend is secretly dating in the ninth episode.

How to watch Hospital Playlist episode 9 live online

To know more about the new episode, Korean drama lovers worldwide will have to watch the medical drama on tvN this Thursday at 10 pm KST. The ninth episode is scheduled to air on May 7 and it can be streamed on the official website for the broadcasting network at the same time. In order to watch the chapter with subtitles, Kdrama fans will have to check out various streaming sites.

Watch the promo for this week below: