Hospital Playlist episode 7 recap; episode 8 spoilers and live stream details

Jang Gyeo Wool will finally get to spend some quality time with Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist episode 8 and Jeong Ro Sa will be really happy to know about it

After featuring some bittersweet scenes, Hospital Playlist ended up showing the saddest moment of the hour just before the show went off-air with episode 7 on April 23. Do Jae Hak is left heartbroken and the aftermath of it will be revealed in episode 8. Next week, the show will also focus on the relationship of Jang Gyeo Wool, Ahn Jeong Won, Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Sook.

The much-awaited seventh episode of this medical drama focussed on a complicated liver transplant surgery of a six-month-old baby in the first few minutes. Though it was nearly impossible to save the life of that infant, Ahn Jeong Won did it with the help of Lee Ik Joon.

In the meantime, Chae Sung Hwa encouraged Ahn Chi Yong to lead a surgery by telling him that it's time for him to take up some risky job as a third-year resident. The young surgeon managed to complete the surgery without getting much scolding from the professor. But he was stressed out at the time of the surgery.

Meanwhile, Jang Gyeo Wool, Chu Min ha, Bae Jun Hui and other residents were busy helping their professors in completing various tasks. While Jang Gyeo Wool and Bae Jun Hui checked the ER patients, Chu Min Ho focussed on in-patients of the gynaecology department and Do Jae Hak assisted Kim Jun Wan in a complicated surgery.

A dinner night with friends

Hospital Playlist
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After completing their daily tasks, Yang Seok Hyeong and his friends enjoyed dinner together in a restaurant. Though he enjoyed spending time with his friends, something was bothering him. He wanted to tell his mother about the conversation he had with his father's mistress, but he was also worried about her health. So, Yang Seok Hyeong reached out to his friends for advice and they all encouraged him to talk to his mother.

The next day, Kim Dae Myung's character spoke to his mother and he was shocked to know that his father got admitted in the same hospital he is working as a senior surgeon. He was also surprised to know that his father was in the VIP room with his mistress. Shortly, his mother visited the VIP room and asked her baby daddy to leave the hospital as quickly as possible. She told him that an irresponsible father's presence will make her son uncomfortable.

Love is in the air for Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Sook

Hospital Playlist
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Hospital Playlist episode 7 then shifted its focus on the budding romance between Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Sook. The onscreen couple was all set to take their relationship to the next level while Kim Jun Wan's friends were trying to find out the person he is dating.

And the happiest person of this week was Do Jae Hak. He was really excited to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with wife in their newly bought mansion. But he received the shocking news of his life towards the end of episode 7, wherein his landlord informed him that she gave him the building on rent.

What to expect in Hospital Playlist episode 8?

Next week, the medical drama will focus on Do Jae Hak and his painful moments. The chief surgeon of cardiothoracic surgery will become so disappointed with his life that he may decide to quit his job and live in some countryside. But his colleagues could try to cheer him up and help him focus on his work.

The upcoming episode of this mini-series is also likely to show Jang Gyeo Wool spending quality time with Ahn Jeong Won while Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Sook get to know more about each other. And Jeong Won's mother Jeong Ro Sa will be really happy to know that her son is finally in a relationship. The television drama will even feature troubled moments for Chu Min Ha, who will probably get scolding from Yang Seok Hyeong for not taking her work seriously.

To know more about the upcoming episode, the series' followers will have to tune into tvN next Thursday, April 30, at 9 pm KST. Until then, catch up with the first seven episodes of the medical drama online on the official website of tvN.