Hospital Playlist live stream details: How to watch Jo Jung Suk-Yoo Yeon Seok starrer medical drama

Medical drama Hospital Playlist will be introducing a new format for weekly dramas to attract more viewers, according to Producing Director Shin Won Ho.

Hospital Playlist, one of the much-awaited medical dramas of 2020, will premiere on tvN this Thursday, March 12, at 9pm KST. The Korean drama (K-drama) by producing director (PD) Shin Won Ho of Reply series and Prison Playbook fame will be introducing a new scheduling pattern for weekly dramas.

The mini-series will air only one episode a week in order to attract more viewers to the show, PD Shin Won Ho said. According to him, two episodes a week is an old format and it comes up with its own side-effects.

During a live broadcast of the press conference for Hospital Playlist premiere, the Producing Director asked drama lovers worldwide to make the show a success so that "it can become a new model for the broadcasting industry".

How to watch Hospital Playlist episode 1

The mini-series will premiere on tvN this Thursday, March 12, at 9pm KST and drama lovers in Korea can tune in to the channel to watch it. The medical drama can also be streamed online on the official website of the broadcasting channel.

Hospital Playlist
A poster of medical drama Hospital Playlist. tvN

However, the non-Korean speaking population from various parts of the world will have to wait until Friday, March 13, to watch the medical drama with English subtitles. The mini-series will be available on various streaming sites.

What is the story of Hospital Playlist?

The mini-series revolves around the life of five doctors who were in the same medical school. PD Shin Won Ho revealed that the show will not be focussing on anything in particular. It is the story of hard working doctors who will make viewers "cry, applaud, and feel touched", he added.

Who are the cast members of the medical drama?

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy
Jo Jung Suk to play lead in new medical drama Hospital Playlist Facebook/JoJungSuk.fanpage

The mini-series will feature Jo Jung Suk as a professor of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery named Ik Joon, Yoo Yeon Seok as pediatric surgeon Jung Won, Jung Kyung Ho as cardiothoracic surgeon Joon Wan, Kim Dae Myung as obstetrics and gynecology surgeon Seok Hyung and Jeon Mi Do as Song Hwa.

During the press conference, all the lead cast members shared their expectations about Hospital Playlist. Jung Kyung Ho said he is looking forward to 10.1 per cent viewership ratings for the premiere episode. Kim Dae Myung said the drama could receive 11 per cent television ratings for its first episode. Jo Jung Suk said he is expecting 12 per cent ratings.

"I also would love for high ratings, but realistically, airing one episode a week has an inevitably lower impact. Also, the premiere overlaps with 'Mister Trot.' I think we overlap with that amazing program for about 20 minutes, so considering a lot of variables, I want to simply say 4 percent," Shin Won Ho said (via Soompi).