Hospital Playlist episode 8 spoilers, live stream details: Ahn Jeong Won may find his love this week

Episode 8 of Hospital Playlist will also feature troubled moments for Yang Seok Hyeong, Chu Min Ha and Do Jae Hak while Kim Jun Wan spends time with Lee Ik Soon

Hospital Playlist is returning with episode 8 on tvN tonight, April 30, at 10 pm KST and it may feature Paediatric Surgeon Ahn Jeong Won's love for third-year resident Jang Gyeo Wool. The episode will also follow Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon as they take their relationship to the next level while Yang Seok Hyeong deals with a complicated medical case.

Episode 8 of this medical drama will also feature Lee Ik Joon and Chae Song Hwa helping their juniors to work independently. But the characters who are likely to go through emotional roller-coaster events this week are Do Jae Hak, Chu Min Ha, Jeong Ro Sa and Jo Young He because some twists and turns are waiting for them.

Love is in air for Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Wool

Hospital Playlist
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The third-year resident doctor will finally get a chance to spend some time with the person she likes the most in Yulje Medical Center this week. Last week, she managed to convince him for going out with her to grab a meal and promo for this week shows them getting ready to have dinner together.

In the short clip, Ahn Jeong Won can be seen expressing his happiness after spending a few hours with Jang Gyeo Wool as if he was a secret admirer of her. The video also features the excitement of his mother Jeong Ro Sa after knowing that her son found the love of his life.

Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon take their relationship to next level

Jung Kyung Ho's character may take his relationship with Lee Ik Joon's sister to the next level in Hospital Playlist episode 8. The promotional video shows him sharing a passionate moment with her while her brother tries to find out the woman his long-time friend is dating secretly.

It will be really interesting to watch how the things unwrap between Lee Ik Joon, his sister Lee Ik Soon and her lover Kim Jun Wan. Choi Jung Seok's character could be surprised to know that his sister is secretly dating his childhood. It remains to be seen if Kim Jun Wan will be sharing the details of his love life with his friends this week.

Trouble ahead for Chu Min Ho and Do Jae Hak

Do Jae Hak will finally find out that all the money that he and his wife saved for the last 10 years have been taken away by a real estate scammer. It will be really hard for him to cope up with the reality and he may decide to on hiding or spend some time alone.

Meanwhile, Chu Min Ho is likely to make some serious professional mistakes while her professor is away from the hospital. The promo for this week shows Yang Seok Hyeong scolding the third-year resident badly for not taking her professional life seriously.

How to watch Hospital Playlist episode 8 live online

To know more about the new episode, Korean drama lovers worldwide will have to watch the medical drama on tvN this Thursday at 10 pm KST. The eighth episode is scheduled to air on April 30 and it can be streamed on the official website for the broadcasting network at the same time. In order to watch the chapter with subtitles, Kdrama fans will have to check out various streaming sites.

Watch the promo for this week below: