Hospital Playlist episode 4 recap; episode 5 spoilers and live stream details

Hospital Playlist will continue to take the viewers through an emotional roller-coaster of events as the five senior surgeons try to do their best for the patients

After delivering a very personal and emotional episode about Yang Seok Hyung this week, Hospital Playlist is likely to focus on Chae Song Hwa next week. The medical drama will return with episode 5 on tvN next Thursday, April 9, at 9 pm KST. The upcoming episode might also focus on Ahn Jung Won's future plans and Kim Joon Wan's love life.

In episode 4, the mini-series revealed how quickly Lee Ik Joon managed to get over his personal problems by spending more time with his patients and his only son. The fourth episode also revealed details about Chae Song Hwa's secret admirer in the hospital – it is young surgeon Ahn Chi Hong. He was really curious to know everything about her.


Hospital Playlist
A poster of medical drama Hospital Playlist. tvN

While the military graduate was getting to know more about his lady professor, his colleague and general surgeon Jang Gyeo Wool was busy digging in deep about doctor Ahn Jung Won. But this time around she did not seek the help of Lee Ik Joon because professor Bong Kwang Hyeon claimed to know more about the senior surgeon and his four friends.

In the fourth episode of Hospital Playlist, the viewers also got to watch two complicated pregnancy-related surgeries, the brutality of a father, the health and money issues faced by an Indonesian patient as well as the admission of a VIP patient, who was assumed to be going through a tough time because of his son.

Prime focus of the episode

However, the prime focus of the episode was on Yang Seok Hyung – one of the most talented gynaecologist and obstetric surgeon in the hospital. The viewers did not just get to watch him handle a very emotional and painful situation, but they also got to know about his family and the reason for him to become a mama boy.

Hospital Playlist episode 4 ended by teasing some complications for the liver transplant surgery of the VIP patient. In order to find out if the surgery will be successful, the followers of this medical drama will have to tune in to tvN next Thursday, April 9, at 9pm KST. International fans of this K-Drama can watch episode 5 with subtitles on various streaming sites next week.

Meanwhile, here is what the promo for Hospital Playlist episode 5 hints about Lee Ik Joon and his four friends. Ahn Jung Won will be busy convincing his mother to let him become a priest and Chae Song Hwa will be busy with her juniors, while Lee Ik Joon and Yang Seok Hyung could deal with some complicated cases. At the same time, Kim Joon Wan could be thinking about dating someone new.

Watch the promo for Hospital Playlist episode 5 below: