Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 7 Recap: Episode 8 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Hospital Playlist 2 episode 7 ended with many questions for the viewers, and it could be difficult for them to wait until August 12 to get the answers. The next chapter is sure to keep the drama fans on the edge of their seats as the central characters, including Ahn Jeong Won and Kim Jun Wan, will be dealing with several personal challenges.

In episode 8, the winter garden couple will be taking a break from their secret dates due to some family problems, and Kim Jun Wan will be dealing with the biggest shock in his relationship with Lee Ik Sun. The senior cardio surgeon finally found out that his former lover is back in town. How will he deal with this? The followers of Hospital Playlist season 2 will have to the show next week to know more about it.

Here is a quick recap of episode 7 before getting into the details of the next chapter, which will have lots of unexpected events.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
A poster of Hospital Playlist 2. Twitter/tvN

Ik-Song Couple and Their Camping Story

As expected, the seventh episode focussed on the weekend camping trip of Lee Ik Joon and Chae Song Hwa in the beginning. Though Lee Woo Joo was excited about camping, he spent the day sitting near the campfire. He was sad, and Song Hwa wanted to know the reason. When enquired about it to Ik Joon, he informed her that the kid had a fight with his girlfriend and may break up soon.

The Ik Song also had some casual talk during their camping trip, where they recollected some of their campus memories and spoke about their problems. During their conversation, Song Hwa hinted about her secret admiration for Ik Joon in the past. Did she have a crush on him when they were on campus?

In her past interviews, actress Jeon Mi Do had dished her character's relationship with Ik Joon. According to the cast member, the viewers could know her character's true feelings in season 2. The sequel might also reveal what happened between the two characters in the past, she added.

No Romance for Winter Couple

The winter couple came across an unexpected challenge in episode 7. Ahn Jeong Won was planning to propose Jang Gyeo Ul on Sunday. So, he invited her to the cathedral for it. On her way to meet him, she received a call from an unknown number. The other side informed her that her mother met with an accident and she needs to undergo surgery.

So, Gyeo Ul rushed to that hospital after sending a text message to her lover. His girlfriend informed him that she cannot pick his calls. Episode 8 will reveal more details about the incident, and the viewers can look forward to the impact it has on the winter garden couple.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Hospital Playlist 2 episode 8 will air on August 12. Twitter/tvN

Kim Jun Wan- Lee Ik Sun Relationship

The senior cardio surgeon was too busy with his patients this week that he hardly got time to think about his breakup with Lee Ik Sun. He had to deal with a situation when a mother of a newborn baby reached out to him for suggestions about her child's treatment. It was not easy for him to make her understand that the baby may not stay alive for long.

When he gets to know that his friends chose a romantic song for their band practice, it hurts him. Still, he moved on with his usual schedule and attended a school reunion with Ik Joon. On their way back home, Ik Joon received a call from Woo Joo, and Jun Wan found out that his former lover is back in town.

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 7 also featured troubled moments for Chu Min Ha. The resident unexpectedly meets her professor Yang Seok Hyeong's mother, Jo Young Hye, in the hospital cafeteria, and their first interaction did not go well.

Young Hye has made it very clear to her friend and Jeong Won's mother, Ro Sa, that she cannot accept Min Ha as her daughter-in-law. However, Seok Hyeong seems to have developed some interest in the resident. The followers of this medical drama can look forward to meeting another couple towards the end of this season.

Episode 8 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

The promo for next week primarily focuses on the relationship between Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul. In the video, the winter couple struggles with their long-distance relationship. The clip also shows Jeong Won blaming himself for not taking good care of his mother. She gets diagnosed with dementia. Song Hwa is likely to treat her.

Hospital Playlist 2 episode 8 will air on tvN Thursday, August 12, at 9 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch the chapter on TV or stream it on the official website. The followers of this medical drama can also watch all the episodes with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.