Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers: Is it Ik-Song Special Chapter?

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 7 is likely dedicated to Ik-Song shippers waiting to watch some moments of their favorite couple – Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa. All this while, both the surgeons have been busy focussing on their patients and helping the residents confidently move forward in their professional lives.

In the next episode, Ik Jun and Song Hwa will probably take some time out of their busy schedules to enjoy camping with Lee Woo Joo. The promo gives a glimpse of the camping scene to the viewers, and it also shows Song Hwa informing Ik Jun about her camping plans, and he decides to join her with his son.

Woo Joo wanted to go camping with his father since he started hearing stories about it from his schoolmate Mone. In episode 6, he even made his father promise that they will go camping soon and enjoy some time together. So, it is safe to assume that Ik Jun will go camping with Song Hwa in the upcoming episode.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Jo Jung Seok as Lee Ik Joon and Jeon Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa in Hospital Playlist season 2. Twitter/tvN

New Beginning for Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa

Ik-Song shippers or the Ik Jun and Song Hwa might now want to know if this camping will mark a new beginning for their favorite couple. Every episode of Hospital Playlist season 2 showed the two friends getting closer to each other, and there are also several speculations doing the rounds that they will officially start dating towards the end of this sequel.

Since the mini-series is halfway through this week, the viewers can look forward to some hints from the creators about the relationship update of Ik Jun and Song Hwa in the upcoming episodes. The seventh episode might mark the beginning of a new relationship for the two characters.

What to expect in Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 7?

Apart from featuring the camping scene of Song Hwa and Ik Jun, the next chapter of this tvN medical drama will focus on the relationships of Ahn Jeong Won, Jang Gyeo Ul, Chu Min Ha, and Yang Seok Hyeong. While Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul enjoy some time together on the weekends, Min Ha will come up with different ways to impress her professor.

The promo for the next episode shows Jeong Ro sa and Jo Young Hye discussing their sons' future life partners in the hospital cafeteria. In the short clip, Young Hye tells Ro Sa that she will accept anybody as her daughter-in-law except Yoon Sin Hye. Will she be happy to welcome Min Ha to her family?

The followers of this medical drama will have to watch the next episode to know more about it. Until then, catch up with the first six episodes of this mini-series online here.

Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 7 will air on tvN Thursday, August 5, at 9 pm KST.