In a shocking incident, a man in New York City cut off his penis on Wednesday and threw it in the toilet and tried to flush it, police said. The 50-year old man is reportedly schizophrenic and decided to chop off his penis in a fit of rage, sources said. He was rescued by police in serious condition and is now recovering in hospital.

Although police have launched an investigation into the shocking incident, they are yet to ascertain the reason behind the man taking such a dangerous step. According to doctors, he could have died had he not been rescued on time and transported to a hospital.

Dangerous Act

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Police said that a man in Staten Island cut off his penis with a sharp-edged knife and then angrily threw it in the toilet of his apartment. He also tried to flush it but later decided against it. Seeing blood on the floor, the man's roommate informed the police for help. The incident happened around 11.45 am. The roommate had initially thought that the man had cut of his own arm and didn't know that he had also hacked his genitals.

Responding officers reached the scene, an apartment on Main Street in Tottenville, immediately to find the man bleeding profusely. There was a serious wound to his right arm, which is believed to be self-inflicted, according to authorities. According to police, the man didn't speak much but when he was about to be taken to the hospital, he told them that he had also cut off his penis and discarded it in an upstairs toilet.

Officers rushed upstairs in disbelief only to find what he was saying was true. He was then immediately shifted to the hospital as he was almost about to collapse due to excessive loss of blood.

Police Clueless

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Police confirmed that the man's genitals were gone and investigators found a massive amount of blood inside the second-floor bathroom. An investigation has been launched but no concrete reason has been found as why he chopped off his penis. Medical responders also discovered that one of his testicles was also cut off.

The man, reportedly, is schizophrenic and bipolar, which could be a reason behind him taking such a drastic step. According to reports, he has been suffering for long and has also been without medication for months. Authorities hasn't revealed the name of the man but said that he has lost a lot of blood but is stable and recovering in hospital. It isn't known genitalia could be recovered.