Alexander Wang: Designer Accused of Drugging Models with MDMA at Parties and Sexually Assaulting Them

Model Owen Mooney was one among the many models who pointed fingers at Wang claiming that he had been 'touched up' by a 'really famous' fashion designer in 2017.

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Designer Alexander Wang is facing a series of allegations of sexual misconduct after several models took to social media accusing him of drugging them and assaulting them at parties, according to reports. Several accusers, including model Owen Mooney, shared their stories on social media, with various fashion accounts, such as DietPrada, spreading news of the allegations to their followers.

These accusers are now calling the 37-year-old designer, who has dressed models like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Ashley Graham, a 'sexual predator' and have claimed that he had drugged their drinks with MDMA and sexually assaulted them at various events over the years. However, a spokesperson from the company declined to comment on Tuesday.

Multiple Allegations

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang YouTube Grab

A spate of allegations started flooding social media on Monday through Tuesday as more victims mustered courage to speak up against Wang. The allegations started with S**t Model Management (SMM) and Diet Prada two popular Instagram accounts that seek to expose wrongdoings in the fashion world, respectively, shared posts compiling accusations made on social media by models who say the New York City-based designer sexually assaulted them.

"Alexander Wang is an alleged sexual predator, many male models and trans models have come out and spoken about the alleged sexual abuse that Alexander Wang has inflicted upon them," the post read.

Mooney was one among the many models who pointed fingers at Wang accusing him of sexual assault. The SMM post included a video of Mooney wherein he explained an incident at a New York City club, wherein he was groped by Wang. Mooney had earlier uploaded a TikTok video claiming he had been 'touched up' by a 'really famous' fashion designer in 2017. "It made me freeze completely," Mooney says in the video, adding that he had become separated from his friends when the alleged incident took place. Mooney said he looked to his left and saw that the man was a really famous fashion designer.

Mooney didn't mention Wang by name in the video but liked the top comment that said, "it's Alexander Wang." In a follow-up video on December 13, Mooney said the commentor had named the right person, and mentioned Alexander Wang by name.

Tainted Figure

Mooney's account was one of at least seven included in the post on Monday, the majority of which were shared through screenshots of allegations sent in by anonymous users, according to the report. His story prompted many anonymous individuals to come up with similar stories of sexual assault by Wang.

Those anonymous reports include Wang drugging individuals with water laced with MDMA, coercing them to attend after-parties, and making unwanted sexual advances. One accuser claimed their friend, who is a trans man, had been riding in a limo with Wang after a party "a while ago" when the designer offered him water and made sure he drank it all.

Alexander Wang with Bella Hadid
Alexander Wang with Bella Hadid YouTube Grab/Alexander Wang

"A few moments after, they noticed they were rolling and had been giving molly water. This was a regular occurrence because a year after being told this story, I also heard other people confirm that they also got drugged on the way to any after party," the anonymous person claimed.

Wang, who became known for his star-studded parties following the success of his fashion label launch in 2005, is the latest in a growing number of influential fashion and entertainment personalities that have been accused online of being a sexual predator.