Anna Leikovic: Instagram Model Cuts Out Her Mother's Heart and Organs While She Was Still Alive

The 21-year old model and medical student calmly washed the blood off in a shower and went to meet her boyfriend for a date.

A medical student and an aspiring Instagram model reportedly cut open her mother's heart, lungs and intestine — all while she was alive — and then calmly washed the blood off in a shower and went to meet her boyfriend for a date. Anna Leikovic, 21, of Comrat, Moldova, initially took a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother Praskovya Leikovic, 40, and then committed the barbaric act, according to local media reports.

Leikovic since then has been arrested but has hardly shown any remorse for the heinous crime she committed. In fact, she laughed and cleaned her nail in front of the judge when she was produced in court and remained unmoved.

Inhuman Act

After stabbing her mother, and while Praskovya was still alive, Leikovic allegedly "cut out her heart" as the woman yelled in pain. She then cut out her dying mother's intestines, and then her lungs. Leikovic is "suspected of a terrible crime," the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported, citing police. "She stabbed her mother with a knife and then cut out the heart of a living woman."

That, although, wasn't the end. Leikovic, without any remorse then washed off the blood from her hands, took a shower and went to meet her boyfriend. However, she didn't tell her boyfriend anything about the heinous crime she had committed hours earlier.

Anna Leikovic
Anna Leikovic Instagram

According to local media reports, Leikovic knew exactly how to cut open a human heart and lungs as she is a medical student. She has seen been arrested and produced in court but the incident has left everyone including her family members and relatives shocked.

No Remorse

Praskovya Leikovic
Praskovya Leikovic Facebook

According o local media reports, Leikovic may not be mentally stable but police said that it is too early to say that. An investigation is still on to ascertain the exact reason behind the gory act. According to media reports, Praskovya had returned home from her job in Germany. She feared that her daughter was on drugs and wanted to help her by arranging a treatment for her.

That made Leikovic angry leading to her stabbing and tearing open Praskovya's organs. Her uncle told reporters: "Praskovya loved her daughter so much, and she spent as much time with her as she could. It took two hours for the police to tell me Anna is the main suspect. I could not even imagine this."

Leikovic is a popular model in Moldova and has more than 9,400 followers on Instagram. The incident has even left her fans and followers in shock. Police said that Leikovic looked unmoved even after her arrest and was smiling all the time. When she appeared in court, where she was asked by a reporter if she had mutilated her mother in a savage attack, she said "Goodbye," laughing. Moreover, she was lying down in the dock and cleaning her nails, before standing on a bench when the judge entered the court.