Homeland season 8 episode 10 spoilers, live stream details: What lies ahead for Carrie?

Carrie gets into trouble again as Saul tries to stop the US and Pakistan from kick-starting world war III in Homeland season 8 episode 10 'Designated Driver'

Homeland season 8 will be back with a new episode on Showtime tonight, April 12, at 9 pm EST. Episode 10 is titled Designated Driver and it will continue to focus on the various challenges faced by former CIA officer Carrie Mathison and her mentor Saul Berenson. The episode might also reveal new details about Pakistan's plan to attack the US.

Claire Danes' character is currently being trapped by her Russian friend Yevgeny Gromov and she might realise his betrayal in the upcoming episode. But before she could do anything for her country, he could make his next move and it might make things difficult for her mentor, Saul. The official synopsis and promos for 'Designated Driver' tease trouble for the lead characters.

What does the official synopsis hints about new episode?

A still from Homeland season 8 episode 10. Showtime

As expected, Showtime has left everything to the imagination of the viewers by releasing a one-liner as the official synopsis. The short description reads – "No one admits to anything". Though the synopsis does not mention the name of a character or tease about a plot twist, it can be assumed that the one-liner is indicating the black box.

The black box has important evidence about President Ralph Warner's death and it can help Saul to stop world war III. Although Carrie tried her best to get it, she lost it due to her overly trust on Yevgeny. The upcoming episode will probably revolve around the aftermath of losing the black box that could have proved that the helicopter crashed because of a technical error.

Check out what the promos for episode 10 hint about 'Designated Driver' below:

Just like the official synopsis, the promos for Homeland season 8 episode 10 also focus on the black box. In one of the short clips, Saul can be seen engaged in a telephonic conversation during which he realises that the black box can play an important role in stopping a war. In another promo, Carrie is in captivity and Pakistan is all set for a war with the US.

It remains to be seen if Saul and Carrie will manage to stop the war in the upcoming episode. To know more about it, tune in to Showtime tonight, April 12, at 9 pm EST to watch the upcoming episode of this political thriller. Followers of this popular drama series in the US can also watch the show on Showtime's official website or on Showtime App. People from other parts of the globe will have to wait until April 19 to watch episode 10 on TV.

Here is a promo of Homeland season 8 episode 10: