HEX Turns 'Shining Star' as it Dominates 'Market Cap' Despite Crypto Market Dip

HEX turned out to be the shining star of the crypto market as it beat Bitcoin and Ethereum and rose +8.8% in the weekly market cap. It is second to AVAX which rose +18.8%, while majority of leading cryptos dipped in volume. Ethereum was down -8.2% and Bitcoin -5.8%.

HEX was ranked third in the crypto bubbles with a market cap of $75.58 billion with a 24-hour trading volume of $64.25 million. The volume has risen +10,911% in a year.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency

Richard Heart's HEX has experienced phenomenal growth and has ducked the market trend chalking out a path of its own. Despite the Bitcoin crash in May 2021, HEX has remained stable in the indices with only a few dips and raced ahead to new weekly highs.

HEX's chart has shown impressive growth since its launch on December 2, 2019 as the coin has doubled in price every 48 days and reached new all time highs often. From its inception up until today, HEX has risen 552,366% and all of this in just less than two years.

Hex Dominates Market Cap

A look into its chart shows its price doubled 13 times in 614 trading days and its average doubling days stand at an impressive 47.23 days. HEX has doubled its price approximately every 48 days up until today.

The coin had reached its all time high of $0.50 at the start of the week and is now trading at $0.43 and up. HEX has displayed extreme bullish sentiments with adding more number of new investors into its fold and had lesser 'sell' orders indicating that investors are holding on to the coin for the long term.

The buying pressure and lesser 'sell' orders has eventually made HEX double in price every 48 days and the trend might continue for many more trading weeks.

The impressive growth story occurred despite the coin not being listed on top exchange trading platforms and no celebrity endorsement.

HEX's natural growth is what's attracting newer investors who believe that the coin still has a long run in the market and its price would jolt forward a few years down the line making early birds enjoy fortunes of a lifetime.

At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.43 and is up +4.3% in the days trade.

This article was first published on September 21, 2021