HEX Coin Doubled in Price Every 48 Days, Chart Shows

HEX Coin, which was launched on December 2, 2019, began trading in the indices for as low as $0.00015000 and was a low hanging fruit up for grabs and available for purchase for less than a Cent.

HEX has seen a phenomenal growth since its launch as the coin has spiraled upwards 552,366% in less than two years of its inception making early investors millionaires overnight.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency

A look into the chart of HEX shows that the coin has doubled in price 13 times in 614 trading days, making its average doubling days stand at an impressive 47.23 days. Rounding off the number, HEX has basically doubled in price every 48 days up until today and reached new all time highs every 48 days.

HEX reached an all time high (ATH) of $0.46 Cents a week ago on September 10, and its price was seen steadily climbing upwards even when the crypto market was down and chalked out a path of its own in the indices.

HEX Coin Chart doubles in price 48days

Despite reaching its all time high every 48 days, HEX remains extremely bullish in the crypto market and data shows that more investors are buying the coin while its 'sell' orders have declined.

The buying momentum and lesser 'sell' orders is what's making HEX double in price every 48 days, as it's adding more new investors into its fold who believe that the coin would bring them their desired fortunes.

The International Business Times was the first to predict in August through financial analyst Dara Gadziala, the head of stock and crypto firm The Bomb Hustle that HEX would breach the $0.40 Cents mark before October and our prediction turned out to be accurate as the coin touched $0.41 Cents on September 6, 2021.

"I think within the next two months we could see a 40 Cents Hex Coin. Right now it's almost back to the all time high and if it breaks past $0.18 there is nothing to stop hex," predicted Gadziala

At that time of prediction on August 8, HEX was trading at $0.12 (41 days ago).

At present, HEX is trading at $0.43 and is up and is up +10.9% in the days trade. The coin remains bullish and is also expected to shoot up further.