Hex Coin Rises 466,038% in Less than 2 Years: Is it Too Late to Buy? Here's our Analysis

Hex Coin, which was launched on December 2, 2019, saw a phenomenal growth in less than two years. The coin was available for purchase for less than a cent and began trading at $0.00015000 during its initial days.

The coin has now shot up to a whopping 466,038% making early investors hold on to a fistful of dollars. It has reached 24 Cents at the time of publishing. The coin is still showing bullish sentiments and investors are keen on the cryptos positive protects it has to offer.

Hex Cryptocurrency Coin

Will Hex Coin's Bullish Run Continue?

Hex Coin seems to be headed towards better days as financial according to analyst Dara Gadziala, the CEO of the crypto firm The Bomb Hustle. He revealed exclusively to The International Business Times that the coin could possibly double its price by October 2021 and touch a new high of $0.40.

Gadziala remains bullish on the coin's prospects and said: ''I think within the next two months we could see a 40 cent Hex Coin. Right now it's almost back to the all time high and if it breaks past $0.18 there is nothing to stop hex. Now is the last chance to get Hex under $0.25 cents and once it breaks that I hate to say 'I told you so'.''

Another part of Hex Coin's growth is its vibrant community who firmly support the crypto as it has delivered everything they've asked for in such a short period of time and that has added buying pressure making its price to shoot up steadily.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency YTD Highs

The point to be noted is that Hex Coin's price has remained stable even during the crypto market crash between May to July 2021, and rose up to 10% by touching new weekly highs when all the other coins headed south.

Also, the YTD chart shows HEX steadily growing during the crypto market crash and the dip seems to have had no effect on the coin's prospects.

HEX Coin rises when crypto market down

Investors are now hoping the coin to reach the magical milestone of $1 by the end of 2021 and we'll have to wait and watch if it would indeed reach that prime price.

At the time of publishing Hex Coin was trading at $0.25 and is up +7.33% in the day's trade.