EXCLUSIVE: Hex Coin Will Cross 20 Cents Soon, Says Expert Who Predicted Its Rise to 13 Cents in July

Dara Gadziala, the co-founder of stocks, crypto and forex agency The Bomb Hustle, predicted in May 2021 that Hex Coin would cross 13 cents in July after studying its chart patterns.

The prediction turned out to be accurate as Hex crypto skyrocketed to 14 cents on Thursday and rose +6.48% in the day's trade.

Hex Cryptocurrency Coin

In May 2021, Hex was trading at just 1 cent and the financial expert was bullish about the coin and fast-forward two months later to July, the coin rose 1400 percent, making early investors to sit on sack of profits.

Talking exclusively to The International Business Times, Gadziala predicted that Hex's bullish behavior would continue as the coins dynamics remains strong and predicted it could reach to 20 cents and above on or before October, 2021.

''On May 3, I predicted on my social channels that Hex coin would rise from 1 cent to 13 cents in July and it is 14 cents today. A phenomenal rise,'' she said.

Hex Coin Would Reach 20 Cents By October, Claims Financial Expert

Gadziala now predicts that Hex coin is stacked for another upper circuit and the prices would shoot up to 20 cents and more, advising investors that entering the coin is not late. ''I think we could see Hex reaching 20 cents by October,'' she predicted.

When asked why is she so bullish on the crypto, Gadziala explained that the coin has a unique proposition in the crypto market and works to solve problems facing the investment sector.

''Hex has taken the concept of Certificates of Deposit (CD's) by adding higher average interest rates and removed banking fees turning it into a decentralized cryptocurrency,'' and continued that ''Hex makes its investors the bank and pays them to keep their own money in the bank," she stated.

Gadziala revealed a concept like this makes the crypto stand apart from rest of the ''speculative coins'' as has an underlying value of its own that bridges a common investor into the diverse financial sector, which would eventually take its price to higher levels as years pass.

At the time of publishing Hex crypto was trading at $0.1462 and was up +6.48% in the days trade. The coin also boasts of a market cap of $25,768,327,334 and was launched in December, 2019.