HEX Coin Showing Strength; Up 10% in the Day's Trade Despite Crypto Market Dip

The crypto market has been trading in the red since Tuesday after Bitcoin slumped between -2 to -5% dragging other cryptocurrencies down along with it. However, HEX Coin seems to have ducked the trend of following the market and has chalked out a course of its own.

Despite the dip, HEX is one among the handful of coins trading in green and is arguably showing strength through adversity by remaining stable and zooming upwards when the market is down.

Hex Cryptocurrency Coin

HEX cryptocurrency at the time of publishing was trading at $ 0.1985 and is up +10% in the days trade while every other coin in the indices are down between -2 to -10% and more.

Along with HEX, even SafeMoon crypto is up +21.22% in the days trade and is trading at $0.000002444. The rise is associated with the upcoming launch of the 'Safemoon Wallet' and would be released on August 28, 2021 making it easier for investors to buy and sell the coin.

Charts Show HEX Ducking The Crypto Trend

The crypto market experienced a blood bath from May 2021 and major coins fell to new lows post Elon Musk's tweet saying Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin as payment as they're not environment-friendly.

Bitcoin fell more than 60% since then and only recovered after dusting itself from the last week of July. However, charts show that HEX Coin held a steady ground and didn't dip drastically during the crash and slowly climbed upwards reaching weekly highs.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency YTD Highs

In fact the YTD shows HEX growing steadily during the crypto market crash and the slump seems to have no effect on the coins growth.

Stock and crypto analyst Dara Gadziala from the The Bomb Hustle agency remains bullish on HEX and exclusively predicted to The International Business Times that the coin could double in value and touch $0.40 by October 2021 after studying its chart patterns.

HEX Coin rises when crypto market down
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''Now is the last chance to get hex under $0.25 cents and once it breaks that I hate to say 'I told you so'. Hex's new project PulseChain just raised $25 million for the SENS Foundation and the to-be launched PulseChain will help make the price of Hex grow steadily in the coming months,'' she said.