Hailey Welch: 'Hawk Tuah' Girl Applies for Trademark for Merchandise as She Cashes in On New-Found Fame and Launches Her Own Company

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, 16 Minutes LLC could cleverly reference her desire for fame beyond the typical 15 minutes, following her viral interview.

Hailey Welch, the 'Hawk Tuah' girl, has applied to trademark her distinctive phrase after gaining fame for offering sex advice on the streets of Nashville. Earlier this week, Welch launched her own company called '16 Minutes LLC' and filed for exclusive rights to use her sensational line on various merchandise, such as hats and t-shirts.

According to documents reviewed by DailyMail.com, Welch is seeking a trademark for apparel items and entertainment services, specifically comedy shows and podcasts covering "comedy and current events." As part of her application, Welch included a photo of a beige and brown hat with her phrase 'Hawk Tuah '24. Spit On That Thing', printed in red.

Hawk Tuah Girl Turns Entrepreneur

Hawk Tuah
Hailey Welch has gone viral as the 'Hawk Tuah' girl for her advice on how to please a man in bed X

The photo of the hat that she posted was created in partnership with Fathead Threads, a company based in Tennessee. Although Welch willingly shared sexual advice with a wide audience, she has chosen to keep her fans guessing about the name of her company.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, 16 Minutes LLC could cleverly reference her desire for fame beyond the typical 15 minutes, following her viral interview.

The company's name might also nod to her impactful phrase—"You've got to give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang, you get me?"—which contains exactly 16 words.

TMZ reports that Welch and her management team intend to issue cease and desist letters to vendors attempting to profit from 'Hawk Tuah' branded clothing.

This development and the establishment of her new company come unexpectedly after she expressed reservations about being known as the 'Hawk Tuah' girl indefinitely during an interview with Brianna Lapaglia on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast.

On July 1, Welch revealed that she had left her factory job and hired management after a video clip of her showing techniques to "drive a man wild in bed" for Tim & Dee TV gained over three million views on YouTube following its June 19 release.

Opening Up About Life after Going Viral

Hailey Welch
Hailey Welch Instagram

When asked what her parents think of her viral comment, Welch replied: "They think it's so funny... they never know what's gonna come out of my mouth."

Initially, Welch isolated herself to rural Tennessee, where she lives with her family. Her loved ones took steps to protect her from the public attention.

Since gaining sudden fame, she revealed receiving "disgusting" propositions from fans who tried to contact her through the man she collaborated with to sell exclusive 'Hawk Tuah' merchandise.

She said: "So, the guy that does my hats, he got offered $600 three days ago for me to spit in a jar and sell it. That is revolting! That is just disgusting, is it not?"

She appeared on Lapaglia's show just two days after appearing alongside Lapaglia's boyfriend, Zach Bryan, at Nashville Nissan Stadium.

During the extensive interview, Welch clarified that she had been drinking that night but emphasized that her comment was meant as a joke and had no serious intent behind it.