Hailey Welch: 'Hawk Tuah Girl' Speaks Out About Her New-Found Fame after She Went Viral and the Truth About Her Life

Welch said that she was getting ready for the graveyard shift at two in the morning at the factory when she noticed the video of herself becoming viral.

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Hailey Welch, better known as the "Hawk Tuah Girl" after an X-rated clip from her Nashville interview went viral, has given her first in-depth interview since the notorious segment. Welch described her surprise at her sudden rise to fame, the unsettling responses she's received from men on the internet, and how her parents were indifferent to her explicit advice.

Speaking to Brianna Lapaglia on Barstool Sports' "Plan Bri Uncut" podcast on Monday, Welch, 21, debunked some of the internet rumors about her — clarifying that she is not a teacher and that her father is "the farthest thing" from a preacher. However, the woman is enjoying every moment of her popularity.

Opening Her Heart Out

Hawk Tuah
Hailey Welch has gone viral as the 'Hawk Tuah' girl for her advice on how to please a man in bed X

Welch also revealed that she had received offers from fans to spit in a jar for as much as $600. However, Welch noted that she was afraid to be a "Hawk Tuah" girl forever. She also said that she works at a spring factory in her small Tennessee hometown.

Welch said that she was getting ready for the graveyard shift at two in the morning at the factory when she noticed the video of herself becoming viral.

She also revealed that she had left her factory job and taken a managerial position after the video she posted on YouTube on June 19, when she was explaining to Tim & Dee TV viewers how to "make a man go crazy in bed," garnered over 3 million views.

When asked what her parents think of her viral comment, Welch said, "They think it's so funny... they never know what's gonna come out of my mouth," she told Lapaglia.

Still Trying to Come Out of the Moment

Hailey Welch
Hailey Welch Instagram

Welch added that she had deleted all her social media accounts a long time before the video went viral in which she revealed her go-to bedroom trick—a deep-fried Southern drawl. She did, however, admit that when she discovered her rapid internet popularity, she almost "s–t a brick."

She is now attempting to turn her spontaneous onomatopoeia slogan into a significant financial gain.

She has already made tens of thousands of dollars in sales of branded merchandise, and a whole management and video team are now following her around.

Zach Bryan, a country music musician who Lapaglia is dating, pulled Welch onto his stage during his gig in Nashville on Saturday. She wore the exact same ensemble—daisy dukes, white boots, a white tank top, and an oversized cowboy hat—when she made her podcast appearance.

Welch remembered the days before the night that would alter her life irrevocably.

After the CMA Fest music festival, she was having a good time with friends on Nashville's streets when she told LaPaglia, "next thing I know there's a microphone in my face."

Welch attributed her emotive response about a generally private matter to her extroverted personality. "I could talk to a brick wall if you really let me," she laughed.

She claimed that at the time, she gave the YouTubers' street interview little attention and never anticipated seeing it again.