Gyakuten Sekai No Denchi Shoko aka Rumble Garanndoll Story, Cast, Airdate, and More

Gyakuten Sekai No Denchi Shoko aka Rumble Garanndoll is an upcoming Japanese television anime series, and it is scheduled to premiere in October. It will feature voice actor Seiichiro Yamashita of Girls Beyond the Wasteland fame, Love! Live! Sunshine!! fame Aina Suzuki, Kandagawa Jet Girls actress Fairouz Ai, and voice actress Shiori Izawa in lead roles.

The action-packed science fiction series will take viewers to the future and introduce Japan as a country without manga, anime, video games, and idols. The story is set in 2029, but the East Asian Country has not reached the Reiwa era, and it is called Genkoku Nippon. The reason behind it is an invasion of this country by a group of people from the alternative world called Shinkoku Nippon. The anime fans will see the alternate world invading Japan and its impact on the country through various flashback sequences.

In the anime series, the viewers will see a group of youngsters, who call themselves Arahabaki, secretly fighting to preserve their subculture. The team includes a gamer cum hacker named Misa Kurokki (portrayed by Izawa), an Indie idol named Yuki Aoba (played by Suzuki), anime fan Rin Akagi (portrayed by Fairouz), who also likes to action film and television dramas, and host Hosomichi Kudo (played by Yamashita). Kudo could be the team leader of this secret group.

Gyakuten Sekai No Denchi Shoko
A poster of upcoming television anime series Gyakuten Sekai No Denchi Shoko. Gyakuten Sekai No Denchi Shoko

Check out the Official Synopsis of this Upcoming Television Anime Series Below:

For this new project, Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun director Masaomi Ando reunited with Scum's Wish writer Makoto Uezu, anime character designer Keiko Kurosawa, and original character designer Akio Watanabe of Monogatari fame. The anime is produced by EGG FIRM, and it is created at the Lerche studio.

Here is the First Teaser of this Anime Series: