This Japanese firm wants you to marry anime 'wives'

Gatebox is embracing the future and recognizing marriages between men and their anime "waifus" or wife.

Gatebox Lab
Anime waifus. Gatebox Lab

Marriage is not easy, especially if you like your company more than anything else.

But it could definitely spark interest if your better half meets you in virtual world, away from the worldly worries.

That's what tech research company Gatebox Lab is trying to do to Japanese nationals, who have no time for marriage.

Gatebox is embracing the future and recognising marriages between men and their anime "waifus" or wife.

According to a special Gatebox website, interested parties may submit their marriage registration for the company's recognition. The site even provides a marriage registration form to download, fill-up and submit.

In order to prevent multiple marriages, Gatebox has specifically mentioned that only one waifu could be registered. This means fans will really have to think long and hard on which waifu to officially tie the knot with.

Apart from registering for marriage, Gatebox also accepts job applications and successful applicants, who registered their waifu marriage are entitled to receive a monthly stipend of 5,000 yen (S$60.65) on top of their salary.

Applications will be accepted between November 22 to December 7, 2017.