Katkwo: A Cosplayer Who Started Out From Comic-Con As Their First Convention


Katkwo is a young cosplayer who has a lot of interest in anime, video games, and other comics. If you have no idea what cosplaying is then let me tell you in short: it can be defined as a person who dresses up as a character from their favorite anime, video game, movie, or even series if they like.

As a young child Kat never thought that she would be interested but I think the Comic-Con convention changed it all for her. Moreover, this has also improved Kat's sense of confidence that she never used to have previously in herself. 2019 was the first time that she went to a comic convention and that too one of the most popular ones. She started from then on and continues to dress up for her TikTok and Instagram videos. You would really want to check her out because she is very pretty and quite sexy too. To add to her joy, by going to a lot of conventions, Katkwo has found so many like-minded people who share similar interests. How cool is it to have a friend circle where everyone loves cosplaying? Imagine dressing up with all of them!

Katkwo has it all, but she needs a lot of monetary support too so that she can have all the costumes and accessories required for cosplaying. For this reason, she has set up an only fan account which provides her with enough so that she can finally fulfill all her dreams that lacked proper funding. You can visit that to have a little fun, and also support her in her interests. I can guarantee that she is very sexy and has loads of things that she can offer, that you've never known about ..

Katkwo is Chinese-American and I bet she is having the best of the worlds. She hopes to go to a lot more conventions in the future. Coronavirus has been a hindrance for so many people, it also stopped the commencement of Comic-Con. But she still hopes that she will be able to visit it this year in July.

Katkwo is not alone in cosplaying, as I have mentioned. When she first started out she absorbed a lot of information from the internet and from other fellow Cosplayers. However, interacting with people in real life has given her a basic idea of how to dress up and how to do it in a more fabulous manner. Her fellow cosplay friends have encouraged her and motivated her a lot so that he can gain a lot of confidence while dressing up instead of being really shy. Nothing is better than a gang of people who are interested in the same thing as you are. Katkwo enjoys the cosplay community a lot and hopes to keep doing this because this is what really makes her happy. Everyone that she has met so far has been very supportive and has always had a very positive attitude towards her.

In order to be a good cosplay artist, you have to find a lot of creativity and innovation out of the things that are already provided to you. Since being a cosplay artist is not an individual business or does not have a structured form of business, it is very difficult to draw a fine line. There is nobody to tell you how to cosplay correctly. It simply depends on the audience that you were presenting yourself to. Therefore, the presentation needs to be very neat and well defined. It must have all the aspects of the character that you are actually playing including the makeup and your body structure. Being good at various types of makeup is a compulsory requirement. Costumes are not something that you can just wear and become the character, you need to be completely into it along with the feels (if you know what I mean).

You can support Katkwo in pursuing her dreams by giving her a shout-out on your social media. If you are up for something spicier, then make sure to visit her only fans as that would be a huge help to her. I bet it won't turn out too bad for you too.