Guess who Rusev is threatening to crush now? It's Gary Lineker!

While he deals with Bobby Lashley, Rusev seems keen to spark a new feud with former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker.

WWE superstar Rusev is currently involved in a feud with Bobby Lashley. The two men have brawled over Rusev's wife (both in real-life and storyline) Lana, who is shown to have been having an affair with Lashley. But while he takes care of business on that front, the Bulgarian-American wrestler has decided to spark off another feud – with Gary Lineker of all people!

Miroslav Barnyashev – real name of the professional wrestler – also happens to be a Real Madrid fan. Hence it's not surprising that he isn't too fond of Lineker – a former striker for Barcelona and now one of the top football presenters on British Television.

"I'm WWE superstar Rusev, and I'm coming to BT Sports for this man, Gary Lineker – a former Barcelona player. You no good man, I'm going to crush you!" Rusev warned the ex-Barcelona player.

Rusev tears apart a picture of Gary Lineker in a promotional video Twitter

On a more serious note, this video is part of a major promotional campaign by British television network BT Sports. They have finally managed to grab the rights for telecasting WWE programming from their arch-rivals Sky Sports. Hence, while Rusev has his hands full with Lashley, he is also taking time out to threaten BT Sports' presenter.

Rusev's rivalry with Lashley started when his wife Lana became romantically involved with him. Whether it's just a kayfabe romance or the two are actually dating each other isn't yet known. What we do know is that Lana and Rusev are real-life husband and wife.

This is not the first time that the Bulgarian Brute and Lana are involved in an angle about cheating. Some years ago, Rusev was shown as ditching Lana and beginning a relationship with Summer Rae while the Ravishing Russian – as Lana was billed then – responded by having a relationship of her own with Summer Rae's former beau Dolph Ziggler.

This storyline has generated a lot of heat for Lashley and Lana. It seems like we are headed towards a big match-up between Lashley and Rusev at TLC – the next pay-per-view.