WWE RAW: 5 biggest takeaways from December 9 episode

Apart from one big heel turn, there weren't any other major surprises in this week's edition of WWE RAW.

The latest episode of WWE RAW wasn't the most surprising or exciting but it did have some good moments. The divorce between Lana and Rusev was expectedly interrupted with a fight breaking out between the two alpha-males. The big reveal was Seth Rollins coming out as the man behind AOP's attacks on Kevin Owens.

Amidst all these actions, there were some important takeaways from the latest episode. Let's take a look at them and see what they portend for the future.

Rollins' heel turn

Seth Rollins' has again become a heel. He is one of the few wrestlers in the current roster who is equally good at being a babyface or heel. His emergence as the 'higher power' behind AOP was both dramatic and slightly surprising. But this is an interesting development. With two bulky men to help him around, Rollins could become a very impressive character.

Becky and Charlotte teaming up

Finally, it's going to happen! Arch-rivals Charlotte and Becky Lynch will team up for a tables, ladders, and chairs match at TLC against the Kabuki Warriors. This should be an enthralling contest. The Japanese girls have shown themselves to be quite effective with weapons. That, combined with the innate talent of Becky and Charlotte, should set up one of the best matches at the pay-per-view.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch
Charlotte and Becky Lynch would face The Kabuki Warriors at TLC Twitter/WWE

Orton and Styles rivalry heats up

Rey Mysterio's victory over AJ Styles in the US Championship match was overshadowed by Randy Orton's appearance. This was the second week in running when Orton has caused trouble to Styles. What we have here is the making of an exciting feud. Exciting simply because of the talent of the two men. If these two have a match at a big pay-per-view, it should be worth watching.

Humberto's push

It is a big pity that there isn't a cruiserweight division in WWE right now because there are a few great high-flyers. To be fair, the high-flying is now being done even by heavyweight wrestlers. Still, Humberto is one of the most exciting to watch. That's why it was great to see Humberto winning his match against Andrade. WWE can go two ways from hereon. They can either use this win to push Humberto or use it to set up a revenge match where Andrade beats his opponent to pulp. Hopefully, it would be the former as that would be better to watch.

What now for Lana and Rusev

Since the divorce proceedings between Lana and Rusev descended into chaos, it is clear that there is going to be a big match between the two men. It is almost certain that this match is going to take place at TLC. What still remains doubtful is whether Lana and Rusev are going to continue being estranged. There is some mystery still remaining in this storyline.