GTA 5 Online: New fastest unlimited money glitch for 'Pacific Standard Heist Finale' explained

Veterans of GTA community unleash a new heist finale glitch for making unlimited money without using Kuruma.

GTA Online heists
GTA 5 Online: New fastest unlimited money glitch for 'Pacific Standard Heist Finale' explained

Rockstar Games has recently patched up the highly sought-after Pacific Standard Heist glitch with the Kuruma method while the veteran members of the GTA community have unearthed yet another fastest money glitch for the Heist Finale in GTA Online. The glitch has been posted via Reddit several times for the benefit of GTA Online gamers.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has thrown more light on new ways of using the latest money-making glitch in GTA Online.

As Ross explains, it is not yet known why Rockstar has decided to remove the Kuruma glitch from the heist finale as you can no longer blow up the bikes and use the Kuruma instead, from the designated garage nearby to the Pacific Standard Bank.

It is now being speculated if the game maker will be introducing new Heist missions or offering double money and RP for the existing ones in the game.

Regardless of the changes made to heist missions, we can now execute a much better glitch than the Kuruma method as suggested by Ross in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Here's how you do it:

  • You will carry on the basic strategy of eliminating as many cops as possible within the vicinity of the bank by firing up your miniguns and rocket launchers while still standing at the main entrance to the bank.
  • Then proceed to the designated location where your bikes are parked.
  • Now destroy all your bikes using some sticky bombs or rocket launcher and then restart your mission as you always did with the Kuruma glitch. However, you will not have access to the Kuruma at the designated garage.
  • To overcome this limitation, one guy from the crowd control team will hop on a bike and keep riding away from the team. At this moment, you will notice a pop-up warning on the screen saying, "Out of Area – Return to your team."
  • The catch here is that one guy from the heist team will give himself a headstart and keeping riding towards the Downtown Los Santos Police Station, even before the wanted alarm goes off and the police start chasing him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team are still awaiting the signal of their teammate to tell them when to venture out with their bikes.
  • Once the guy gets there, he should look for the helicopter which normally spawns somewhere on the rooftop of the police station. If the helicopter isn't there, it is best to keep circling around the police station until it eventually spawns in or commit suicide by shooting at yourself with an explosive.
  • After the helicopter spawns in, just get into it and fly towards the original location where the bikes were parked.
  • At the same time, the bikers are required to reach the rooftop of the nearest building. So that, the guy who is driving the helicopter can pick-up his team members without risking any damage to the vehicle. Tip #1: You can use the Vinewood Museum building for this purpose.
  • Your next objective is to hold off the cops until the helicopter arrives at the spot. The catch here is to eliminate the patrolling police helicopters and forget about the land vehicles as they cannot shoot or take down your team's chopper when you are on the rooftop of a building.
  • Although you will likely run out of time while getting the team together into the chopper, you will still be left with around three minutes to reach the destination with the stolen cash.
  • Tip#2: As the police or ambulance choppers are the fastest vehicles in the game, you can reach the designated location before the time runs out and hence there is no way you can fail the mission.
  • Once you have ensured everyone in the team has got into the helicopter, just fly to the location of dinghy as fast as you can.
  • Now, just parachute down to the dinghy instead of risking a landing in the water, as you are likely to get surrounded by the police if you try a landing.

That's it. You should be able to complete the heist mission with more than a minute to spare, as you can fly straight to the destination unlike the Kuruma method which requires you to pass through all the checkpoints on the road.

For further assistance, check out Ross' intriguing gameplay video below: