GTA 5 Online: 'Tuners and Outlaws – Part 2' custom vehicles, supercars and more revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals second installment of Tuners and Outlaws concept DLC in his latest GTA Online video.

GTA 5 Online: Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept
‘Tuners and Outlaws – Part 2’ custom vehicles, supercars and more revealed

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds more light on the highly-anticipated 'Tuners and Outlaws DLC' custom vehicles and supercars in his newest gameplay video for GTA Online. Recalling his earlier work on showcasing the gameplay theme for the Tuners and Outlaws DLC vehicle customisations, Ross explains how the Ruffweld wide-body themed DLC cars made their way into the import/export update for GTA Online.

Apart from the Ruffweld wide-body and Maibatsu Revolution, we now have the visual access to a bunch of new customisable cars from Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept, thanks to another prolific YouTuber TGIJ who has showcased these cars in a video.

There are three brand new vehicles being showcased in this second instalment of Tuner and Outlaws concept video wherein the Comet Retro custom now features the standard design without the custom wide-body makeover that was shown in the first instalment.

As Ross clarifies in his video, there is a new mod available to accomplish this feat with ease. Using this mod, the wide-body fenders can be removed without changing the elementary looks and design of the Comet Retro custom car.

Pegassi Vacca

Next up in the list is the new Pegassi Vacca (wide body), which now flaunts extended fenders and a massive spoiler to give it a menacingly masculine yet stunning look. As far as the upgrades are concerned, it is customisable with all the standard options available through the existing GTA 5 mods.

The design aesthetics of the Vacca are predominantly based on the Lamborghini Gallardo with a wide wheel base, tall spoilers and groovy side-skirts.

Elegy RH8 Mandem (wide body)

The Elegy is one of the most-easily accessible cars in GTA Online as it is available for free and pretty quick for a sports variant. The wide body version continues to support all the regular customisation upgrades on the Elegy RH8, besides the addition of a giant spoiler.

The RH8 Mandem packs some serious punch with its wide-body fenders and broader body-frame than the regular variant. It is a must-have for modders and car-customisation freaks out there in GTA Online.

Vapid Crowd Runner (wide body)

It is the last of the three new custom wide-body cars being featured in the second instalment of Tuners and Outlaws concept DLC for GTA Online. The Vapid Crowd Runner is basically the wide-body version of the Dominator and it brings the best masculine look among any custom cars in the game.

You could add some stylish custom grilles on the front and a modified exhaust on the back for a slick and sexy look. Just add the Red and Black body paint with the dog-tail spoiler and you will have the perfect muscle car in town.

If you are still unsure, just check out Ross' intriguing gameplay video below: