GTA 5 Online money-making guide: How to get rich by exporting and selling cars faster

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals hidden tricks to get richer through import/export business in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA 5 Online money-making guide: How to get rich by exporting and selling cars faster Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals some nifty tips and tricks for you to know before selling or sourcing any cars in the game, in order to make maximum profit in GTA Online. This trick also enables you to accomplish other cool stuff in GTA 5 story mode as well.

Ross also explains that he will be throwing more light on the ensuing developments on the free money situation in GTA Online, in the latter part of his gameplay video.

Coming back to the import/export business in GTA Online, the YouTuber highlights two basic parameters that determine how much profit you are going to make in the game. One of the two key factors is the cooldown period, which goes up as you start selling more and more cars from your inventory.

For instance, the cooldown period will be 20 minutes after you sell your first car. Then it goes up to 30 minutes once you sell your second car, 40 minutes after the third car and 50 minutes after selling off your fourth car.

Furthermore, if you switch to some other activity or job in the game, the timer still does not come down or reset itself. So, the only viable option is to switch back to the free roam mode and spend some time doing the free mode events, which will reset the clock after the cooldown period expires.

A private solo session would be your best bet, as too many players in the lobby will be difficult to handle as they might try destroying your car or stop you from completing the vehicle sourcing or exporting mission.

As the YouTuber confirms, this trick works flawlessly on the PS4, but it has not been tested with the Xbox One or PC. Here is how you can reset the cooldown timer without having to literally wait in the lobby or do something else:

  • Just exit your garage and set your spawn location to 'Last Location' from the in-game player-interaction menu.
  • Then hit the Home button on the Playstation controller and select TV and Video section from the onscreen menu.
  • Basically, you will just try to load up another application (such as Netflix) to force the GTA 5 app to get suspended or frozen. At this moment, you will see a notification alert saying that your current GTA 5 online session has been lost as the application was suspended and you will be automatically redirected to join a new GTA Online session.
  • Once you get back into the game, you will be surprised to notice that you will be in a solo public session. There will not be any other players in your lobby and you are free to execute your tricks or glitches without someone messing up with your mission.
  • Voila! You will now be able to start exporting and sourcing/selling your captured vehicles instantly with the cooldown timer being reset automatically as you joined the new session.

Tip #1:The best part is that you will not lose any money and all your vehicles will remain intact inside the warehouse while you perform this glitch. The same trick may also work sometimes with the CEO crates, but it does not have 100% success like the import/export business.

Tip #2: You will not need to perform this glitch with the Biker business as you can sell the whole stock in one shot and it takes time to build up export items or replenish the stock levels.

Tip #3: Point-to-point missions and VIP challenges are not affected by this trick as their cooldown timer does not reset even after you re-enter the game by joining a new GTA Online session.

In related news, Ross has confirmed that Rockstar's free money campaign is still active and several players have been receiving the cash reward of $250,000 (GTA$) in a phased manner.

Some players have even reported to have received the $250K bonus in multiple instalments for a net sum of $1 million in free money. We effectively have one more week left to keep playing GTA Online and receive this bonus cash reward from Rockstar Games.