GTA 5 vs Real Life: Los Santos vs Los Angeles and other locations comparison revealed

Avid GTA Online gamers can now relish the location comparison maps for in-game Los Santos vs real-life Los Angeles.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 vs Real Life: Los Santos vs Los Angeles and other locations comparison Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has done a splendid job in mirroring the exact locations of real-life Los Angeles in GTA 5's fictional game world of Los Santos as we can often find identical buildings and landmark icons at the exact same location in the game like in its real-life counterpart. In his latest gameplay video, prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) points out the whole new level of GTA 5 vs real-life location comparison as depicted on the site

As Ross explains, the website reveals some minute details regarding the GTA 5 stock market and some snapmatics, apart from its prominent landmarks tab that offers the satellite imagery with a bird's-eye view of the entire game world in GTA 5. Some of the highlighted features include the desert, grasslands and other topography scattered around the game world.

As you zoom-in a bit more into the map, you will notice a hybrid version of the map popping-up, depicting all major landmark icons as well as an independent road map available for selection. You can also choose the Atlas map for the real-life version showing off the fine topographic details of Los Angeles.

Basically, you need to zoom-in to select your favourite landmark or building in the game world and you will see both the real-life as well as the in-game image of the chosen location on the left-hand column within the site's user interface (UI).

For instance, you can see the image of Eclipse Tower's equivalent in real life appearing just below the in-game version at the top-left-hand corner.

The Horse Statue found in the game's Rockford Hills, has a real-life equivalent in the form of a half-naked statue of a female in Beverly Hills.

The Maze Bank building from the game has an equivalent in US Bank building in the real-life location of Los Angeles. Also, check out the Maze Bank Arena and the Arcadius Business Centre being compared with their real-life counterparts in Ross' intriguing gameplay video below.

Don't miss the Casino, Giant Golf Course, Fort Zancudo and the Horse Racing Track from GTA 5, which surprisingly have impeccable similarities with their real-world counterparts. The fine details with signboards, palm trees, and the staircases of buildings across Sandy Shores, truly standout as the hallmark of Rockstar's most-successful action-RPG game till date.

Interested GTA gamers may go ahead and check out all the popular locations around Los Angeles being compared with the in-game version via