GTA 5: How to drive to North Yankton and access safehouses, garages or RE4 Island

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe reveals secret access to safehouses, garages, RE4 Island and more, in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5.

North Yankton DLC 3.2 Mod
GTA 5: How to drive to North Yankton and access safehouses, garages or RE4 Island gta5-mods

Avid GTA fans are in for some exciting news as the veteran YouTuber 'Sernandoe' has revealed the secret access to North Yankton in the game's story mode. That's right. You can now literally drive to North Yankton in GTA 5.

North Yankton DLC 3.2 Mod

You may recall that North Yankton had been isolated from the rest of the game world, except for one mission wherein Michael confronts Trevor inside the campus of a burial ground.

Nevertheless, you can now break the shackles imposed by Rockstar from accessing the remote locations of the game world that are ear-marked for specific missions and blocked from access in free-roam mode.

As the YouTuber explains, there are basically two ways to enter North Yankton, wherein the first method employs an inherent glitch in the game while the second uses a mod to unlock free access to all roads leading to this mesmerising place.

North Yankton DLC 3.2 Mod

The mod basically allows you to enter North Yankton using the flyover that's accompanied by a signboard, right at one side of the entrance to the hanging bridge. The humongous bridge greets you with wide roads while a bunch of mountain ranges run along either sides of the bridge.

It is quite amazing to note the fine details added into the game world by the creator of this mod, Dekurwinator. The mod is better known as the North Yankton DLC 3.2 and it can be downloaded via (download here).

North Yankton DLC 3.2 Mod

GTA gamers should note that the North Yankton DLC mod requires you to install two more mods on your PC, Travel to North Yankton by New Theft and Railroad Engineer by J10.

Once you have all the mods installed, just head over to the North Yankton Bridge as suggested in the video below. You can now experience the glorious snowfall, walking pedestrians, empty ghost town and skyscrapers as part of the North Yankton DLC mod.

North Yankton DLC 3.2 Mod

Check out the complete list of features available in this mod including a fully-functional train from Los Santos to North Yankton and back to LS:

28 accessible buildings:

  • 7 safehouses
  • 4 garages
  • 2 offices
  • 3 fire stations
  • 2 police stations (one with custom RE2 locations)
  • lighthouse
  • 2 churches
  • 3 gas stations
  • airport with new terminal
  • tower at airport
  • bank
  • 6 secret maps (you can travel from airport)
  • RE4 Island
  • cs_italy
  • cs_747
  • cs_estate
  • cs_backalley
  • cs_oilrig

If you are still sceptical about the stunning in-game features added into this DLC-like mod, check out Sernandoe's intriguing gameplay video below: