GTA 5 Mods: Epic RC Car mod showcased with funny moments

YouTuber Hazardous shares some epic funny moments while showcasing his new RC Car Mod for GTA 5 on his YouTube channel.

GTA 5 RC Car Mod
GTA 5 Mods: Epic RC Car mod showcased with funny moments

Prolific YouTuber Hazardous has showcased a new Remote-Controlled aka RC Car mod along with some funny moments in his recent gameplay video for GTA 5. The mod involves controlling a tiny car characterised by a tailor-made engine sound, which is synonymous with the RC cars of real life.

As the YouTuber explains, the handling and top speed of the in-game RC car is quite impressive as you can make quick turns while keeping up pace with the moving traffic across the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

The best part is that the tiny car is capable of extreme stunts like its life-sized counterparts, including jumping off the ramps or the edge of the cliffs.

To put the car through a series of stunt trials, the YouTuber takes us to the Skates Park. However, before showcasing the RC car's potential in the stunt arena, he takes us through the few customisation options available for the car via Los Santos Customs shop.

Quite interestingly, the RC car faces no hassles while entering the LSC shop, despite its miniature size and small footprint. Except for changing the colour of the car, you will not be able to swap any body parts with custom versions as Rockstar has probably fixed the size of the car parts while creating mod shops in the game.

Just pick the favourite body colour for your RC car and venture out into the streets of Los Santos to enjoy some cool stunts on full-scale ramps, especially the one near the Los Santos International Airport should come in handy.

You could try jumping the ramp leading to the multi-level parking lot adjacent to the LS Airport in the game. A perfectly timed jump will surely land you right into the top level parking lot.

Alternatively, you might head to the Skate Park that's located just below the overbridge as seen in the video. You can experiment multiple stunt sequences like looping in the air or crossing over the platforms.

As the YouTuber points out in the latter part of the video, you can even drive this car into Michael's garage and store it there permanently or take it inside his house. You can also do some cool stunts like climbing up the stairs or balance Jimmy on it as you drive the car between his legs.

If you aren't convinced about the RC car's capabilities in the game, the YouTuber intends to create a real-life version of it to showcase some extreme stunts in a professional Skate Park.