GTA 5: How to get Duke O Death early and for free in GTA Online

Here's how to spawn and store Duke O'Death for free, ahead of its official release in the game.

GTA 5 Duke O'Death early access cheat
GTA 5 Duke O'Death early access cheat

Avid Grand Theft Auto gamers are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals a risky way of acquiring Duke O'Death for free right now in GTA Online. As the YouTuber explains, this method involves certain risks like getting a ban notice from Rockstar Games or ending up with unforeseen issues with the modder or creator of this cheat, which currently works only on the PC.

If you are fine with the inherent risks involved and if you are itching to lay your hands on one of the best vehicles currently in GTA Online and you cannot wait for the official release, here's how you can obtain the Duke O'Death for free right now in the game:

  • In order to get this done, you will need to have a modder invited into your session in GTA Online and ask him to spawn the Duke O'Death in the game.
  • Now get into the driver's seat in the car and set your spawn location as 'Last Location'.
  • Then go to the Online Menu and initiate a new session in the game.
  • After you have started the new session, you will find your character spawning relatively close to where you left off earlier in the game.
  • You will now notice that your Duke O'Death is still sitting there at the same spot where you were, before you quit the earlier session. It means the car has essentially teleported with your in-game character into the new session.
  • Now get into the car and drive it inside the Los Santos Customs (LSC) and then you will be able to insure it, respray it... etc.
  • Tip#1: The moment you insure it and place it inside one of your garages, you will be kicked out of the LSC and you will be unable to enter the car when you are in that lobby. This is probably the way all insured cars are protected when you are in a public lobby.
  • Tip#2: Just start a new private session and you should be able to get inside the Duke O' Death without any hassles. You can now customise it or take it back to your garage for permanent storage.
  • You can even get a customised number plate of your liking installed on the car with little effort, if you are a good friend of the modder. Thereby, you could be effectively saving around $665,000 on the Duke O'Death as you can get it for free.

Ross sums up saying that Rockstar Games has lifted the restrictions on using Duke O'Death ahead of the official release in the game. So, with the help of a modder you could definitely get this car for free and store it in your garage without worrying about it catching fire or becoming unusable in the game.

Do let us know in the comments section below, if you were able to get early access to Duke O'Death or if you used a mod to accomplish the task on PC or any other gaming platform.