GTA 5: How to beat single-player game with new secret ending

YouTuber Sernandoe reveals some intriguing tips and tricks to alter the final cutscene in GTA 5 story mode, using Mod menu cheats.

GTA 5 story mode - secret ending
GTA 5: How to beat single-player game with new secret ending

GTA 5 has been Rockstar Games' most successful title in the Grand Theft Auto game series, despite its popularity waning away in recent times as the game is now more than three years old. Nevertheless, veterans of the GTA community have apparently discovered a new secret ending for the single-player or story mode in GTA 5, which could actually compel you to replay the game all over again.

As renowned YouTuber Sernandoe explains, the catch here is to use new Mod-menu cheats to modify the final cutscene or unlock the new secret ending in GTA 5.

Basically, once you reach the fag-end of the story mission or campaign mode, just push the car over the ramp instead of dumping it into the sea as shown in the video (below). In other words, we will be possibly saving Devin who is supposed to be running down the cliff with the vehicle in the final story mission and thereby alter the ending cutscene using the power of a Mod menu to see what could happen.

If you are still not convinced, here is a detailed guide to accomplish the feat, without any hassles:

  • Basically, at the end of the final mission, you will be given three choices namely: Kill Trevor, Kill Michael and Deathwish.
  • Just go ahead and choose Deathwish, if you want to save or kill Devin instead of compromising either Michael or Trevor.
  • In the next scene, you will be discussing your plans with Lester after you have informed him about your situation over the phone.
  • At this moment, you could use one of the features in the Mod menu, which allows you to pause or stop animation. By doing so, you could literally freeze Franklin for an unspecified amount of time.
  • Just get to the part where Trevor needs to take out all the guards and then capture Devin alive.
  • At this moment, you can use the No clipping or Ghost mode to spy on Devin. You can actually see him sitting by the pool side and checking out Tracy on the Life Invader webpage.
  • You can now go ahead and delete the box that's placed right behind Devin. Then teleport yourself and stand right behind Devin.
  • You will notice he will get up from his lean-back chair before lying down on the floor without any cover or protection. Right at this moment, the guards will start shooting at you.
  • Just ignore them and ensure you have the invincibility or God Mode feature turned on, just in case.
  • Now just make copies of Devin and burn them with fire. You can watch them all burn to death while the Original Devin will stay unaffected.
  • After some time the box will reappear into the scene from nowhere and you can now grab Devin from inside the box. It is quite mysterious how the box reappears or Devin gets inside it without your notice.
  • Now carry Devin on your shoulders and put him in the trunk at the back of your car.
  • Drive your car all the way to the marker placed in the in-game mini-map wherein you are required to dump the car into the ocean in order to kill Devin and complete the mission. Note: You can literally trigger the end credits from the Mod menu in the middle of the mission.
  • Once you have reached the destination, you will notice that Devin is still talking to you and begging you for mercy. However, when you open the trunk door, you will be surprised to see it being empty with no sign of Devin whatsoever.
  • With the car's trunk left wide open, you can spawn a ramp just at the edge of the cliff (using the Mod menu) from where you were supposed to dump the car into the ocean and kill Devin. Tip#1: Just set the ramp at a high-gradient so that none of the game characters are able to push the car beyond the ramp.
  • Once you park your car at the designated marker location, the game will trigger the sunset theme without actually affecting your newly placed ramp.
  • You will notice Trevor and Michael talking to each other and enjoying the sunset view from the edge of the cliff. After some time Franklin also joins the party just before the final cutscene.
  • You can now open the car's trunk and Devin will sit upright as if you woke him from a deep slumber.
  • Now just close the trunk door and start pushing the car over the ramp to check if changes the ending cutscene.

Quite surprisingly, even the ramp does not seem to help the cause of saving Devin as the car falls right into the ocean and explodes with fire. However, you will soon notice that the mission failed for some unknown reason.